Saturday, May 28

The left will yearn for Iglesias

Farewell to Iglesias should be as disproportionate as the continuous evaluation of this tactician rather than strategist, better sprinter than long distance runner. Those who considered him cowardice, for taking refuge in the successive criminal actions that have been invented for him, now call him an idiot for shedding the protective ermine before the thousands of hunters who have him in their sights. The founder of Podemos changed the history of Spain, with greater energy and efficiency than a good part of the presidents of the Government, before the history of Spain in turn changed Iglesias and expelled him from its bosom.

The boy who shouted “the King is naked” was also probably burned at the stake, to name one of Iglesias’s victims, although not the most important. It seems a cliché to state that the absence fosters evocative nostalgia, but no one has missed Mariano Rajoy during the greatest Spanish health crisis, perhaps given his scientific curriculum in the detection of “little pieces of plasticine” or in climate denialism. Instead, the left will have time to miss Iglesias, now that progressivism is about to be ripped apart by a right wing on steroids. It is clear that Pedro Sánchez slept freely on the day that the inventor of Podemos resigned from the vice presidency when he was bored. By cons, Was the President of the Government able to fall asleep without disturbance last Tuesday, date on which the extinction of the man that forced him to raise the first winning motion of censure in history was consummated?

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The right has plenty of reasons to hate Iglesias, few politicians have placed it on the brink of panic with the effectiveness of the dissident who trampled the saints on the left. In a Homeric denouement, the cunning dynamiter of the port of layer-snatching into which conservatism had degenerated He falls when he runs into a Madrilenian president born on the same day, but unable to thread a speech in conditions beyond the continuous appeals to terrorism, independence and Stalinism. The inventor of Podemos has had to read all the political prose to establish himself in a wild environment, Díaz Ayuso triumphs thanks to the fact that he has not read anything. The learned communist collapses when he comes across someone who surpasses him in populism. Not unusual, Bill Clinton had to hide from his electorate that he was capable of reciting the literal fragments of the classic pen with which he enthralled García Márquez, Carlos Fuentes and William Styron.

Big reforms must be sponsored by unexpected politicians, to catch those who have walled themselves off against change. No further clarification is needed in the country of Adolfo Suárez, the leader of the Movement who proceeded to liquidate it from within and from the center. Over time, proposals from Iglesias that unnerved their rivals will be incorporated peacefully. To fly the pen, it is difficult to disqualify the rise in the minimum wage, the basic income or the bet decided by the ERTE.

Joe Biden, the John XXIII of the White House, perfectly embodies the irreproachable orthodox who turns the society of his time against the odds. When tempers warm, it will be recognized that the American president has adopted Iglesias’ arsenal of measures without knowing the author. Increase in the minimum wage, direct aid to citizens and, above all, the energetic protest against “those who earn more than 400 thousand dollars” or against the “corporations” who are furiously demanding neither more nor less than “their proportional share” in taxes. Indeed, an evangelical sermon far to the left of the PSOE, which would not even dare to outline such proposals. And by the way, even the income ceilings to be assessed coincide with the scale assumed by the owner of Podemos.

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In fact, Biden has exposed enough that, in America’s stout gunfighting tradition, some serious initiative to assassinate him has been launched by the new digital oil tycoons. Also the last Iglesias became obsessed with his individual expiration, as if his death were the only incomprehensible. In return, more tolerable figures such as Sánchez himself or Yolanda Díaz are left without the wimp who took their blows, and they have only babbled incoherencies after the fall of Madrid.

The Madrid right has voted Ayuso against Iglesias, the residual left has supported Más Madrid against Iglesias. Íñigo Errejón’s only contribution to Spanish politics consists in having betrayed his Siamese. Undoubtedly, the eternal adolescent is the leader of Podemos whom the Ayuso addicts would like as their son-in-law, because they would also not need to vote for him. On the contrary, in family privacy I would confess with a Peronist tone that the right wing is right about so many things.

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