Sunday, September 25

The leftist Petro insists on the dangers of electoral fraud

  • The left-wing candidate expresses his fear that the count could be altered in the second round

  • The right-wing Rodolfo Hernández expresses his confidence in the electoral system and affirms that he will abide by the verdict of the polls

As the day of the second round approaches, the air of Colombia it is charged with a disturbing electricity. The hours go by and the suspicion about the transparency of the elections that could mark a historic break has not dissipated, at least for one of the competitors in elections with an uncertain end. Gustavo Petro, from the leftist coalition historical pact, He insisted again in the last hours on the possibility of irregularities during a vote that, according to the polls, looks very close. “The electoral code establishes a series of mechanisms in the event that a fraud. Now we are concerned about software alteration.

“In the first electoral round we discovered a marginal alteration,” he told the portal the empty chair. According to Petro, the Registrar’s Office, the body dependent on the Electoral Council that organizes the contest, promised in principle to authorize a technical audit of that program to “verify if there are no malicious algorithms let the results change.” However, Petro added, it was explained to the party “that this could not be done because the software was private.” The response, for the former Bogota mayor, shows that “we are facing a total absence of guarantees.”

Unlike his rival, Rodolfo Hernández, the “old man from TikTok“, also called the Colombian Trump, expressed his confidence in the good performance of the Registrar’s Office. “I believe in you Mr. Registrar, I believe in everything that is the honesty of the Registry. Win or lose I accept the result without hesitation.”

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As expected, through social networks run rivers of fake news. President Ivan Duke he had to deny secret actions of preference towards the candidate defined as a right-wing populist. “To those who they talk bullshit, I have not met with Rodolfo Hernández. I don’t do things from behind. We are guaranteeing the Colombian people that they go to the polls on Sunday, that they express their will without fear,” he clarified.

the ghost of violence

But fear is on the lips of those who inhabit the most convulsive territories. The Ombudsman has confirmed that there is a danger of possible actions of armed groups this Sunday. A total of 290 municipalities with the presence of FARC or ELN dissidents, far-right paramilitary groups or drug traffickers are in “high and extreme risk of violent acts with serious effects on the life, integrity and safety of people. The Ombudsman, Carlos Camargocalled on the authorities “to implement extraordinary actions for the protection of the populations.” The former presidential candidate of the traditional right, Federico Gutiérrez, did not miss an opportunity to describe these eventual actions as support for Petro.

the charismatic France Marquezcandidate for vice president of the Historical Pact party, denounced a growth in the horror campaign towards the figure of his running mate. “Petro was a guerrilla, but he demobilized. He has been consistent with his political commitment. They have sown fear in society because of his past, but nobody can say that he is corrupt,” he clarified.

last minute discussion

In this context, a court ruling orders the candidates to participate in a debate in front of television cameras. Strictly speaking, that order could only be carried out this Thursday and there seems to be neither time nor willingness to do so, at least in Hernández, who has just been acclaimed by the economic elite at a meeting in Bucaramanga. Some 300 businessmen went to listen to him and, according to different media reports, they felt the same enthusiasm they had when they met Álvaro Uribe two decades ago.

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Hernandez relies on the tools that have allowed it to become the election sensation: TikTok and Twitter. Alone, in front of the cameras, without annoying interruptions and with the possibility of editing any mistake, he builds a naturalness that has won him unsuspected adhesions. “In my government, the Armed Forces and the National Police will have full support for their management and full recognition of their efforts,” he said, knowing that the family of those in uniform, in a country where the Army alone has 200,000 members, may prove crucial in these elections.

Petro he knows it too and that’s why he promised to “guarantee greater well-being of the soldier and the police”. At the same time, he promised the Pentecostal churches, which preferentially lean towards conservative projects, respect for the rights to freedom of religion, worship and conscience. “As the future president of Colombia, I am going to defend, expand and strengthen our religious affairs system, just as I did in Bogotá when I was mayor.”

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