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The legend of the renewal of Sergio Ramos and Real Madrid

  • Six months after the end of his contract with the white club, the captain has not yet renewed and can negotiate with the team he wants from January 1.

  • Meanwhile, from the club, interest in reinforcements for the center of defense such as the Austrian of Bayern Alaba and the international of Villarreal Pau Torres is filtered

Like the old sTories of witches and ghosts, the kind that scare but never come true, Sergio Ramos’ renewals with Real Madrid are a constant scare for Real Madrid, a constant tug of war that threatens To stretch the rope until it is done. To break. Although like good legends, it seems impossible. There are sTories of multi-million dollar deals that never came To fruition, until the current entrenched situation, with contradicTory versions and rumors of transfers, Despite the apparent goodwill of both parties, also of the third leg of the bank, a Zidane publicly positioned with Ramos.

Despite all the exceptionally that makes up the context of the renewal of Ramos, it is unheard-of that one of the best defenders in the world, the best of Madrid by far, has not renewed less than six months after the end of his contract. And from the closest environment of Sergio Ramos, through the social networks of his brother and agent René, it is public and noTorious the discomfort about the situation.

Negotiate with whoever you want

Since January 1, after 16 seasons at Madrid, Sergio Ramos is free To negotiate his contract for the next season with any team in the world, although his priority continues To be To renew for Madrid. Of course, the 34-year-old central defender’s claim is To sign a new two-year contract, with fees not lower than those he currently receives (around 12 million euros after taxes).

Circles close To Ramos proclaim without hesitation that the captain of Madrid and the national team has not received any offer formal and concrete To extend his contract, also To the fact that the person closest To the president, José Ángel Sánchez, is not very much on the task of facilitating the operation.

For its part, from the spheres of influence of the Real Madrid board of direcTors it slides that they have been offered a renovation that Sergio Ramos does not like, or at least it has not accepted it, conditioned by the economic hardships that the coronavirus pandemic has imposed.

Alternatives in defense

It may interest you

In addition, alternatives for the center of defense have begun To sound strongly. The first, the 23-year-old Villarreal international Pau Torres, Ramos’ partner in the center of the team’s rear and that, in summer, costs 50 million euros through the termination clause.

The other name, which has been around for weeks, is the Austrian from Bayern Munich David Alaba, who ends his contract at the end of the season and would arrive without transfer cost, but with a very high record (above 10 million euros tax-free) at 28, after having been an offensive midfielder in the Austrian national team and winger at Bayern. He has found football maturity as a central defender, although his best qualities are far from Ramos in terms of strictly defensive ability and leadership of the defense.

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