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The leisure venues of Alicante avoid a breach of measures that does occur in their surroundings

Castaños street on Saturday night, with people without masks in the surroundings of the entertainment venues, and an image of the terraces of this popular area of ​​Alicante.  |

Castaños street on Saturday night, with people without masks in the surroundings of the entertainment venues, and an image of the terraces of this popular area of ​​Alicante. |

The waiter seats the groups, divides them if there are more than six and forces them not to get up even though the music is loud. It is the common daily effort of dozens of stores that open in the time slot close to the start of the curfew, the dynamics that most establishments follow, where the measures established to stop the spread of the coronavirus seem to be increasingly being met. However, it is in the party areas near these businesses where violations occur, when customers get up to smoke in bars, without respecting distances, or move from one bar to another with or without their mask lowered. The sanctions of the Local Police to establishments have decreased notably in recent weeks.

The Consell authorized the opening of nightlife venues after months closed and that same weekend there was a peak of sanctions against establishments in Alicante. In total, on that first Saturday and Sunday that activity was allowed, and which took place just after the Immaculate Bridge, they were twelve establishments that were sanctioned by the Local Police. A fairly high figure for the one that had been occurring in the last nightly devices, which had been closed with three or six complaints.

But this situation seems to be corrected. The premises of the center of Alicante, concentrated in the party areas of El Barrio and Castaños, they strictly complied with the measures this weekend. Between 9:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. this last Saturday, within all these spaces, two groups were barely observed that, on a terrace, and although separated by tables, had turned the chairs that separated them to be able to talk to each other. , creating a kind of large circle that had more than six people. Apart from this point, the rest of the businesses, both newly opened nightlife and hospitality businesses, were involved in compliance with the regulations.

Leisure venues avoid a breach of measures that does occur in their surroundings

In a recently reopened El Barrio business, several groups of young people lined up to enter. It seemed that the place could be overflowing. After a slow wait, of about ten or fifteen minutes, customers entered after passing the temperature control of the door security member and placing hydroalcoholic gel on their hands. Inside, all the people without a mask, except for about five or ten people, but they all consumed while sitting at their tables.

Both in this and in other places, the situation was controlled, as a result of the responsibility of the businesses themselves and the work carried out by the Local Police. Although it was not easy. On two occasions, a waitress asked a group to sit down, to they could not drink the glasses standing up. Clients listened to him at the time, but got up again. Finally, they were thrown out of the premises.

A similar situation occurred in another place in this same area. Several people were waiting at the entrance, where a group of five young people insisted on entering. The doorman told them that they should wait, that he only had a free table for two people, and these, four of them without the mask put, they hurled insults at him until they finally left.

Where there was non-compliance was at the doors of a large part of the businesses, where smokers formed groups that did not respect the distance between them nor among passersby on the road. On the terraces, other people got up from their tables and came to talk with other people without a mask. And, especially in El Barrio, various groups went from one place to another without wearing it.

Penalties that can reach 30,000 euros

The Local Police of Alicante has sanctioned about 50 locals on the weekends of the last two months, although it has also intervened in other similar cases that have occurred on weekdays. One of them took place in the early morning of November 12-13, when the agents placed a serious infraction on a place located in the old town where people were celebrating a party by dancing, without masks and without respecting the minimum distances. This type of fine carries a penalty ranging from 601 to 30,000 euros.

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