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The Lidl kitchen robot is back: if you haven’t arrived on time, these four alternatives are very worthwhile

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Lidl returns to the fray with the Monsieur Cuisine Plus kitchen robot, but there are other models that face it with very reasonable prices.

Lidl has once again put up for sale one of its most famous products that raises the most passions. This is the Monsieur Cuisine Plus kitchen robot, its most advanced model after the late Monsieur Cuisine Connect.

Every time Lidl launches this kitchen robot for sale, they manage to sell practically everything because it is a very useful device that allows you to prepare many dishes easily and without paying too much attention.

But in the market there are many options to choose from and without a doubt you can find cheap kitchen robots that are just as complete. That is why we have chosen some of the best alternatives to Monsieur Cuisine Plus.

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These food processors have some of their features or accessories in common with the Lidl one, such as the steamer. Also the 10 speeds and the turbo button. But they must also have a similar price since Lild’s robot costs 230 euros.

These are the best alternatives to Monsieur Cuisine Plus that you can buy right now.

  1. Ikohs Chefbot Compact SteamPro
  2. Cecotec Mambo 8590
  3. Taurus Trending Cooking
  4. Moulinex ClickChef

Ikohs Chefbot Compact SteamPro

Ikohs Chefbot Compact SteamPro

Ikohs Chefbot Compact SteamPro It is one of the best alternatives to the Lidl food processor and it has one of its best prices right now.

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It has a 2.3 liter stainless steel bowl, plus the famous steamer accessory or recipe book in the box so you can start cooking right away.

It has 10 speeds and a Turbo button, like Lidl’s. But its best feature is in the price, only 179 euros on Amazon.

Cecotec Mambo 8590

Cecotec Mambo 8590

Cecotec Mambo 8590 It is one of the most interesting Cecotec kitchen robots because it is one of the cheapest, but also a perfect one for those who want to start with this class of appliances.

It has a 3.3 liter stainless steel jug, a boiling basket, a cookbook in the box, 30 functions, 10 speeds and a Turbo button.

In the Cecotec online store it is available for 219 euros. On Amazon it is also available for 219 euros with free shipping.

Taurus Trending Cooking

Taurus Trending Cooking

Taurus Trending Cooking It is a kitchen robot that looks suspiciously like the Monsieur Cuisine Connect and that right now is at a very interesting price that you should take advantage of.

It has everything you could need in a robot of this type. It has a 5-inch touch screen with a built-in recipe book and WiFi connection to update and get more recipes periodically.

It has 20 cooking functions, 8 of which are automatic, 8 accessories, including the steamer, a 3.5-liter stainless steel jug, 12 speeds and Turbo mode.

Best of all, it costs 299 euros, a 21% discount on Amazon.

Moulinex ClickChef

Moulinex ClickChef

Moulinex ClickChef It is an option with a good value for money in kitchen robots that you can buy on Amazon for 289 euros.

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This food processor comes with 32 built-in functions of which it has 5 automated programs. It has 12 speeds and a Turbo function, as well as a 3.6-liter stainless steel jug and a steamer among its accessories. It also comes with a full cookbook in the box.

It is an easy-to-use kitchen robot that has accessories to use it in all kinds of recipes.

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