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The link between Nike and Kobe Bryant came to an end after 18 years of success

Production of one of the most popular shoes in the NBA will end.

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The sports company Nike managed, for almost two decades, the image of the world basketball star, Kobe Bryant. Nevertheless, Vanessa Bryant, widow of the former basketball player, decided to end the link with the brand that left the massive reproduction of one of the most famous sports shoes in the NBA.

American sources claim that the brand Nike would have presented an offer to Vanessa, but this did not finish convincing Kobe’s ex-wife, since they did not reach an agreement in the economic aspect and the duration of the contract.

On the other hand, Vanessa disagreed with the shoe manufacturing number and editing them. Those that go on sale are worn by NBA players and are generally part of a limited production that the average consumer cannot afford. According to The New York Times, Vanessa Bryant disagreed with this strategy.

Under these circumstances it is expected that production of all Kobe Bryant-related merchandise by Nike is stopped.

In 2003, a famous brand opted for a jewel in development

Kobe and Nike started their relationship 18 years ago, approximately. The legacy of this union left one of the most popular ankle boots on the market, such as the Zoom Huarache 2K4, 2K5, Hyperdunk and the 11 models in the series Nike Kobe. The last contract renewal was given in 2016, just after the announcement of the withdrawal of ‘Black Mamba’ from the court. On that occasion they signed for five years, a contract that has just expired and thus marks the end of a very successful commercial union.

โ€œKobe has been an important part of Nike’s deep connection with consumers. He has empowered us and made everyone around him better people. Even though our contractual relationship has ended, he is still a much loved member of the Nike family. ” This was expressed by the brand in a statement in which it confirmed the separation.

The future of the ‘Mamba’ outside of Nike

Without a doubt, there will be no shortage of bidders who want to acquire the name left by the NBA star. According to reports from the portal CNBC, other brands would have already negotiated to start a new partnership. Those who handle the image of the former basketball player, are the people who make up the close circle of the American basketball star.

Josh Gerben, an intellectual property lawyer, assures that so far More than 13 trademark proposals have been formalized on behalf of Kobe Bryant, since May 2020.

The proposals show the development, manufacture and production of a wide range of products, such as sportswear, streetwear or footwear.

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