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The lives of Alejandro Sanz and Raquel Perera after their divorce | People

The lives of Alejandro Sanz and his ex-wife Raquel Perera have changed a lot since they announced their separation and later their divorce. And yet somehow, as is often the case with many ex-marriages who have children in common, they are still interwoven with each other. Their separation was announced amicable and based on the love they both feel for their children and reality has shown that for them they have been able to make radical changes in their lives that have included moving both to live in Madrid from Miami, where the artist resided. usually for many years.

Since Alejandro Sanz joined this new stage of his life with the Cuban artist Rachel Valdés, both of them live in Madrid and, by chance or planning, his two ex-wives, Raquel Perera and Jaydy Michel, have also returned to the same city, married in turn since 10 years ago with soccer player Rafa Márquez. A kind of family reunification that has caused the singer to have for the first time almost all of his children living in the same city, Manuela, 19, the result of her union with Michel, and Dylan and Alma, eight and four years old respectively. , the two he has had with Perera. In this new life, the only thing missing is Alexandre, 18, the singer had an extramarital relationship with the designer Valeria Rivera, who is a musician like his father and continues to live in Miami.

Sanz, his friends say, is living a great moment of personal placidity and is also more open to show his love for his new partner in a public way once his divorce has been fully resolved. He is seen with her at public events, on several occasions accompanied by his eldest daughter who seems to have an excellent relationship with her father’s new girlfriend, and shares images that make it clear that his younger children are part of his new life regularly . On the 19th he turned 52 years old and published a video on his social networks in which he was seen blowing the candles happy and encouraged by his children and Rachel Valdés. The artist, in turn, did not forget to declare her love for the singer on his birthday: “Today I celebrate life. Today I celebrate your day. Happy birthday, my love ”, read the publication that accompanied an image of the couple’s backs holding hands and looking at a painting in an exhibition.

Alejandro Sanz’s divorce agreement contemplates that he will pay one million euros to Rachel Perera in three parts: 400,000 euros, which he paid in September; 300,000, before September 30, 2021; and another 300,000, before September 30, 2022. If the singer did not have funds due to the cancellation of tours and concerts due to the coronavirus pandemic, those terms would be extended another year. In addition, you will have to pay the amount of 10,000 euros per month, 5,000 for each of the two children in common that they have. An amount that will be reduced over time and will drop to 6,000 euros (in total) from 2023. Sanz will have the right to see his children half of the school holidays, as well as on alternate weekends and two days weekday. If Raquel Perera had a new partner and she moved to that house where she and her children live, Sanz’s ex-wife would have to pay half the rent.

With this beginning of a new life, Raquel Perera has also abandoned the background that she kept while she lived with Alejandro Sanz and has begun to express herself with her own voice in different media. He first spoke to the magazine Hello! and has recently given details about his new life after his divorce with Vanity Fair. She lives in a semi-detached house in the exclusive Madrid urbanization La Finca with her two children and affirms that since their separation she has received “many messages of support from other women”. He also says that he has started using his Instagram account to “give or receive advice and exchange experiences.” With over 91,000 followers, he claims that his profile is “quite inspiring.” “I have always liked the world of emotions and human behavior. I am interested in connecting with people ”, he says.

In the magazine he says that he was born in La Concepción, a popular neighborhood in Madrid and that his parents have been married for 50 years. She was a daughter who was not upset, a young woman who was successful with the boys and confesses “naturally restless.” She studied Psychology “to try to answer all the questions that boiled inside me” and worked as a stewardess and then in a communication agency related to Formula 1, years in which she claims to have had a “great time”. After living a couple of years in London and Dublin, he returned to Madrid and spent several months on tour with Marlango, Leonor Watling’s musical group, for whom Rosa Lagarrigue was the manager, who at that time also represented Alejandro Sanz. It was Lagarrigue who called her to join her team and that job later led her to take charge of Sanz, with whom she began working in 2005.

She says of her ex-husband that he is “a great guy with an overwhelming personality and incredible talent. People like him cannot live locked up or imprisoned, only they choose when to be alone to be inspired ”. Perera assures that she began to fall in love with him when she saw the courage with which he stopped his career to “sort out his stress and anxiety”, a period that occurred in 2007. He also gives details of their life together, of how at one time their The gang of friends consisted of Shakira and Antonio de la Rúa, Colate and Paulina Rubio, Eva Longoria, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer López and Marc Anthony. And she affirms that when she began her relationship with him, she did not consider anything but she knew where she was getting because she had seen him as her assistant that he was: “I knew the disorderly appetites of artists, those dressing rooms full of women with uncontrollable desires, all the vested interests around him … But I undressed and jumped into the pool. I thought, ‘Here I am, shoot me.’ And of course, soon I began to notice the bullets everywhere, ”he says in the interview.

Dinners, parties, meetings, interests and a family. This is how he summarizes his life with the singer, with whom he says that he tried to create a very united family that included the singer’s older children and that these values ​​continue today for the good of his children. He assures that he maintains a close relationship with Jaydy Michel and that there was a moment when he was fully aware that Alejandro “needed to eat life by bites.” About his breakup, he explains that there was “a mature moment of trying to understand and accept. And then there is another one about breaking the entire tableware in the house. I said: “Live it, you have to live it.” The only thing I really asked of her was to protect me and the children. When a relationship is based not only on true love but also on reality, you learn many things … I can understand (not justify) that anyone makes a mistake in ways, one night, an “unintentional” … Each couple determines the limits of their relationship, but I would not particularly allow sentimental or emotional ties to be established with another woman other than myself. I like to be the only one desired by my partner ”, she tells Vanity Fair.

The rest is history, the bond with Alejandro Sanz continues even though their sentimental relationship has ended and now Perera confesses that he is curious about what the future will bring.

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