Tuesday, November 29

The Local Police asks to limit the authorizations of events in Cáceres to guarantee security

Agents of the Local Police during an intervention in a file image. / today

CSIF announces that it is considering taking to court that agents be forced to perform extraordinary services by resolution

Manuel M. Nunez

Authorizations should be limited to events whose responsibility is municipal since security is not fully guaranteed. It is the position defended by the Local Police, including its highest officials and the headquarters itself, as confirmed by sources from the police force.

The situation has been complicated in recent days by complaints about the deficiencies of the communication equipment as well as by the fact that the agents are forced to make reinforcements. Last July they communicated through individual letters that they refused to be part of the list of volunteers because they did not take breaks and could not reconcile their work and family life.

«The City Council, through a mayoral resolution, wants to force the police to carry out these extra services. Our extra services protocol, approved at the general negotiating table, determines that they are voluntary and must be communicated with the quadrant of the current month, that is, approximately a month ago, ”says José Luis Ruiz, CSIF union delegate. This union criticizes that “the protocol of extra services is flagrantly breached” and also “with the aggravating circumstance that they notify it three days in advance, when these events have been known to take place for months.”

They lament the “bad faith, improvisation and incompetence” of the Executive in resorting to guaranteeing the service “by resolution of the mayor’s office.” This supposes, understands the union delegate of CSIF, a cut of rights for which the case will end up in court. The headquarters itself has already raised whether the agents could be forced to make the reinforcements. “Given this situation, we are forced to take it to court,” says José Luis Ruiz.

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He underlines that there is a “shortage of police officers” that is aggravated by the fact that the job offer has not yet been published, so that the new positions will take more than a year to fill. His version is that there are about a dozen places whose occupation is slowing down despite the needs that exist in a limited workforce. While the offers are called, the oppositions are resolved and the new agents take the course at the security academy “it can take a year and a half or two years,” he complains. These existing limitations are multiplied by the numerous calls for activities on public roads that require police presence and the lack of agents. “They ignore the reports from the leadership itself,” CSIF denounces, alluding to the succession of events.

The Local Police proposes limiting authorizations and prioritizing security. It is planned to hold a general assembly to decide possible mobilizations. The Councilor for Security, María José Pulido, questioned last Friday about the negotiations with the staff of agents for the new quadrant, indicated that the talks continue to try to close the agreement.


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