Sunday, September 19

The Local Police dissolve two illegal parties in entertainment venues in breach of the curfew, without a mask, with dance and music in Alicante

An agent performs a traffic control

An agent performs a traffic control

The Local Police has imposed tonight fifty two penalties for disobedience of the state of alarm to face the Covid, not complying with the measure of wearing masks and the curfew, and two establishments have been denounced, dissolving the illegal parties that were being held after one in the morning consuming drinks, without masks and dancing inside in Alicante.

According to police sources, the first illegal party dissolved It has been located around 01.15 am, in the inspections and surveillance that the Local Police has organized to control gauging and compliance with security measures. The entertainment venue was located on Ecuador Street, intended for bar activity, the agents verified that the establishment kept the doors closed but with customers inside.

The Local Police entered the interior to identify the owner, and verified the presence of five customers inside consuming drinks at the bar and without keeping the distance of interpersonal safety. The agents denounced the person in charge of the establishment for breaking the curfew, holding an illegal party and allowing the consumption of alcohol. The five clients of the bar were also sanctioned for not wearing the mandatory masks and being outside the hours established in the state of alarm. Finally the place has been evicted.

Likewise, in a second intervention, the Police have also intercepted another party, organized in the area of ​​Playas, where an establishment had allowed dancing inside. There they were located until eight people dancing without keeping a safe distance that were also denounced.

Agents established preventive traffic controls by patrolling with the Night Service and Fox throughout the city. Thus, during the operation, people who did not justify their travel and twenty minutes were imposed for not wearing masks, four for alcohol consumption on public roads and sixteen for non-compliance with the curfew.

Councilor José Ramón González, has appealed to “the responsibility, good sense and conscience of the citizens this Christmas to avoid meeting, we continue to fight against the coronavirus, and you can not celebrate parties, we must not relax or neglect with mandatory preventive measures, the virus is still present in our lives and killing.

In the control organized until one in the morning on Caja de Ahorros avenue, five drivers have also been intervened who were denounced for being driving under the influence of alcoholl, with three judicial and two administrative proceedings.

In addition, the police, in the special device deployed throughout the night to monitor the city and ensure compliance with and respect for the regulations that put a stop to the pandemic, have dissolved six parties in houses.

The Councilor for Security has done an appeal to citizens so that “all comply and take extreme prevention, no step back can be taken, we comply with all the security measures so that we can continue to advance and reach the normality that we all want as soon as possible.”

Fire on Avenida del Pintor Pérez Gil

Finally, at around 11 p.m., the agents have located the existence of a fire in some cypress trees, alerting the firefighters of the Alicante Fire Prevention and Extinction Service who have intervened to put out the fire located on a plot located on Pintor Pérez Gil street, preventing its spread to neighboring farms.

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