Tuesday, January 19

The Local Police imposes 25 penalties for breaching the curfew tonight and dissolves seven parties in homes in Alicante

Night operation of the Local Police of Alicante

Night operation of the Local Police of Alicante

The Local Police has imposed 25 acts of sanctions for disobedience of the curfew, and has denounced and dissolved seven parties in houses, which also carry fines to owners for noise disturbances. All these facts have been given in the last night, as reported by the Department of Security of the Alicante City Council after collecting the data of the last operation carried out to stop the contagion of covid and avoid risky situations.

The holidays are one of the main sources of contagion. It is for this reason that the device of the Local Police deploys extensive control and surveillance in the city avoiding bottles, celebrations and illegal parties.

During the last night, the agents had to attend and dissolve 7 parties in houses, in the streets Maestro Marques, Rafael Asín, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Felipe Herrero Arias, Professor Daniel Jiménez de Cisneros and Glorieta UK. House parties also carry noise complaints, and have resulted in complaints to the owners of the same in which they were held meetings causing annoyance.

The operation to enforce the curfew with the restriction of mobility from midnight, with the exceptions of justified reasons such as traveling for work reasons, has resulted in 25 complaints for breaching it and being on public roads.

The Police organized a traffic control in the Plaza de España, where two complaints were also filed, a moped driver due to expiration in the technical inspection who has been instructed to proceed, and a person who was driving without a driving license.

In terms of citizen security, around 10:30 p.m., a night service patrol has identified a young man allegedly related to the breakage of a rear-view mirror of a vehicle and deformations in the plate of another, both parked Astronomynomo Comas street. Alone, all as a result of repeatedly kicking parked cars.

During the night, the agents helped two people, the first at around 00.05. It was about a man who, on AvenidaNovellaelda, had mobility difficulties, which is why he has been transferred to his home. The other case, later, has been that of a woman who has needed to be assisted by the health services, when encountering an episode of anxiety, being transferred by an ambulance to the hospital.

The mayor of Security, José Ramón González, has made an important appeal: “The risk in these compltimes whens where infections have increased is maximum, so we have to be aware of the health situation in hospitals, and not get infected or put on in situations that could cause us to get sick, today more than ever we ask for responsibility, prevention, awareness and extreme health and safety measures for the health of all ”.

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