Thursday, September 16

The Local Police in Alicante imposes 84 fines for bottle and 23 for breaching the curfew

In the balance of the weekend, in which a special device was deployed to avoid bottles, it was guaranteed that the groups of people were dissolved during the nights from Friday to Sunday. The agents carried out itinerant controls and from the first hour they were moving throughout the city, imposing a total of 84 complaints for alcohol consumption on public roads. The Councilor for Security, José Ramón González, has indicated that thank you “high compliance by citizens and the exceptional work carried out by the Local Police, this weekend has passed normally “, while once again calling for” responsibility and continue to maintain distances, avoiding clusters and striving to comply with preventive standards and hand hygiene to that new infections do not occur, especially among people who have not yet been vaccinated ”.

The agents within the surveillance and citizen awareness of the curfew have drawn up 23 acts of complaint for not complying with it, as well as 3 were sanctioned for drug use, 4 for the cleaning ordinance, and 8 for the Citizen Security Law for refusal to identify or disobedience and lack of respect for authority. The Fox units and the Police Night Service, dissolved a total of 23 parties in homes that were generating a lot of noise and complaints from individuals.

The surveillance device of the establishments was developed again with normality and collaboration of the leisure sector, only two complaints were filed, one at dawn on Saturday, around 02:45, to a local in the avenue of San Sebastián, for non-compliance with closing hours, when verifying that it was open, with music and customers inside consuming drinks. As well as a second this morning at 11:00 p.m., to an establishment located in the Poeta Pastor street, when meeting the enabled dance floor and with several people dancing.

Finally, in terms of traffic, the Attested Unit and the Night Service have filed 11 complaints for driving under the influence of alcoholic beverages in Scandinavian countries, avenue of Doctor Jiménez Díaz, in avenue Painter Baeza, Jovellanos, among others, and they went to five traffic accidents, with injuries and material damage.

In the early hours of Saturday, around 10 p.m. a passenger car collided with the fence post on the occasion of the installation of the castle of moors and christians of Altozano, in Count Lumiares with Alcoy avenue, the Police carried out the tests to the driver, who gave positive instructing proceedings, summoned for Quick Trial. Likewise, the Attestation Unit intervened at 11:30 p.m. Sunday morning, in three traffic accidents, the first in Canovas del Castillo, with a van, which is being prosecuted for driving under the influence of alcohol, another accident at 2.40 am in the Condomina avenue with Roman Colony Road, when a driver collided with another, passing the red light, subjected to breathalyzer, giving a positive result, and proceedings are instructed for a crime against road safety. Finally, at 01.45 am at the San Mateo street, a car collided with another parked car, which was intercepted by a National Police patrol, and gave a positive result for driving under the influence of alcohol, with proceedings for a crime against road safety.

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