Tuesday, May 17

The Local Police intervenes in 6 parties and sanctions 29 people for making a bottle on the beaches of Alicante

The agents intervene during Father's Day on Postiguet beach

The agents intervene during Father’s Day on Postiguet beach

The Local Police of Alicante yesterday dissolved several bottles on the beaches of San Juan and Postiguet, in which a total of 29 people were sanctioned. An action that took place within the operation to guarantee that the measures of security against covid during father’s Day, in which, in addition, the agents had to intervene in six parties in houses, sanction two people from Madrid for failing to comply with the perimeter closure of the Valencian Community and fined three entertainment venues for staying open after hours. The day closed with a total of 123 complaints, according to information provided by the Department of Security.

The agents Dissolved several reunited groups, sanctioning 36 people, and they monitored the use of masks, something that still seems not to be fulfilled by the total population, since they had to denounce 31 citizens for not wearing them. Several groups chose the beaches of San Juan and Postiguet to make large bottles. In these spaces and for this reason, 29 people were sanctioned, gathered in groups of more than nine and consuming alcohol.

During the surveillance of the hotel and restaurant establishments, they were located in the center ofThe premises open after the established closing time at 6 pm and with people consuming, as well as a third party who was serving alcoholic beverages on the public highway in Plaza Manila.

In the control of illegal parties in homes, the Night service and the Fox unit of the Local Police have attended a total of 6 parties in homes throughout the night generating noise and annoyance to neighbors and complaints from individuals. The agents have intervened to dissolve and sanction them, also filing complaints for a meeting between non-cohabitants from 23 to 3 in the morning. The addresses they went to were located in the streets Bono Guarner, Montengón, General Primo de Rivera, Jaime Segarra, Cuesta de la Fábrica and Sierra de Maigmó.

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Along the same lines of sanctions, last night, at a control on Denia avenue to guarantee the restriction of mobility from 10 p.m., the Alicante Local Police denounced 10 people for breaching the curfew, and a attested by a person from a food delivery company lacking a driving license.

In addition to the covid

On the beaches, the Local Police denounced six people who were walking their dogs on the sand because it was not allowed by the municipal ordinance on the possession, welfare and protection of animals. The Department of Security reports that some of these dogs were potentially dangerous and were carried loose. This same night, at two in the morning, a call alerted them that two potentially dangerous dogs were on public roads. After mounting a device, they have located the owner, who had escaped from his plot, located in the Garachico industrial estate.

Among other interventions, the Local Police acted after locating a minor who had run away from his home in the Altozano neighborhood, and, together with the SPEIS firefighters, they went to open the door of another house where a woman was elderly alone who had fallen to the ground, and required medical assistance.

This is the balance of the first day of the San José bridge, in which different units of the Local Police such as the Canina, Goir, USEC or Fox are working, and other agents act as reinforcement to ensure security and shield the city ​​and beaches avoiding new infections.

The Councilor for Security, José Ramón González, has indicated that “we have to be aware of the moment in which we find ourselves and that the only way we are going to win the battle against this virus that hurts us so much is to continue fighting for our lives and that of the family members with whom we live, especially on these holidays and bridges where we cannot relax ”, for which he has requested“ loyalty, responsibility and maximum prevention in compliance with safety measures, distances, use of masks and not organize parties ”.

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