Saturday, October 16

The Local Police of Alicante imposes 31 complaints for disobedience in one night

Local agents during the control on Avenida de Dénia.  |  INFORMATION

Local agents during the control on Avenida de Dénia. | INFORMATION

Thirty-one complaints imposed by the Local Police during the night operative to control and monitor the use of masks, the curfew, do comply with security measures, the parties in homes and the prevention of alcohol consumption on public roads to do facing the pandemic in Alicante.

Thus, the agents took minutes to ten people who did not wear the required mask with penalties of 100 euros and intervened in four parties in homes with complaints about noise to individuals in various streets of the city.

To this figure were added another seven that could not justify their displacement during the breathalyzer control carried out on Avenida de Dénia. In this device, four people were denounced for driving under the influence of alcohol with administrative records, opening legal proceedings and also immobilizing their vehicles.

At one of the checkpoints, the police unit intercepted a scooter that was performing abnormal maneuvers, circulating without lights and with two people, both without helmets. The officers stopped them and immediately gave them a breathalyzer test. When testing positive, they were punished and their personal mobility vehicle was immobilized.

As for the hospitality industry, three locals were sanctioned, one for not complying with the measures in the nightstand and two for failing to comply with the safety distances between tables and gauges.

Then the police officers appeared in the vicinity of the Plaza de los Luceros, where in one of the establishments a customer did not want to pay for his drinks and was generating an altercation. As well as in Primitivo Pérez Street, with an alarm that did not let the neighbors rest and the intervention of the SPEIS firefighters was required to disconnect it.

Finally, the agents came to the aid of two elderly people due to a fall at their homes, located on General O’Donell and Tomás López Torregrosa streets.

The mayor of Security, José Ramón González, highlights the “exceptional work carried out by the Alicante Local Police” and again makes an appeal “we cannot relax and we must continue assuming each one the responsibility of taking extreme prevention in compliance with the measures sanitary hygiene, continue avoiding social gatherings, parties and bottles in the face of the pandemic.

200 people evicted at a party in the port of València

The Local Police of Valencia evicted 200 people from the local Destino Puerto on Friday night. The agents verified that there were “serious infractions” regarding the prevention measures, such as the breach of the safety distance, which forced the activity to end. The breach of safety distance in the premises affected more than 150 people, something that is considered “of a serious or very serious nature.” The Consorcio València 2007, in charge of the management of La Marina de València, who published the name of the premises, announced that “it will take the pertinent legal and administrative actions to ensure that this action is not repeated.” While La Marina de València announces the opening of a file “for a very serious offense” against the establishment.

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