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The local police of Badajoz will receive in 2024 the same salary as the National Police

There have been no public announcements. The silence has been absolute in the Consistory. But that does not diminish the importance of the agreement that was reached on February 25, Carnival Friday, by the municipal officials and the police unions so that the salary of the local police officers is equal to what the national police now receive.

This agreement signed by the mayor of Badajoz, Ignacio Gragera, the Local Police Councilor, María José Solana, and the Personnel Councilor, Hitos Mogena, will mean a salary increase of between 3,299 and 4,105 euros for the vast majority of the agents that make up a staff that includes around 200 officials.

Regarding the agreement reached with the representatives of USO, Aspolobba, CC OO, UGT and CSIF (the agreement has also been signed by the superintendent Rubén Muñoz, who participated in that meeting as a technician) the political leaders who have signed it have avoided making a statement, but in that document it is agreed to “address a process of real salary equalization gradually of the economic conditions of the officials of the Local Police with the National Police.”

For this, a calendar is established by which this year 2022 the City Council commits to pay 30% of the increase, in 2023 40% and in 2024 the remaining 30%. In addition, it is established that the increase is applied retroactively from January 1 of this year.

At the moment, neither the police unions nor the Badajoz City Council have made public the salary tables that are going to be used to equalize salaries, but the payrolls that are handled by the Local Police and the National Police allow us to conclude that the agreed increase will fluctuate between 3,299 and 4,105 euros between the agents who occupy the base of the template. That means a monthly increase of 274 euros for agents and 342 euros for officers.

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At this time, a recently admitted Badajoz Local Police officer receives a gross salary of 31,401 euros gross per year, while a national police officer receives 34,701 euros (+3,299 euros)

Greater is the difference when talking about an officer. The gross salary in the Local Police is set at around 33,857 euros, while in the National Police the salary amounts to 37,962 euros (+4,105 euros).

However, the salary now received by the sub-inspectors of the Local Police stands at 39,743 euros while in the National Police that amount stands at 40,441. In this case, the salary equality between the agents of both bodies would mean a reduction of 697 euros per year for local police officers (-58.15 euros per month).

Civil Guard Salary

In the document that was signed, it is clearly stated that the comparison will be made with the officers of the National Police. The Civil Guard is not named, whose guards have an annual salary of about 33,055 euros, which means that they earn about 1,653 per year more than what a Local Police officer now receives but 1,645 euros below what the agents will charge when their salary is equal to that of the National Police.

CSIF asks for the same increase for all City Hall workers

The increase agreed by the municipal officials and the representatives of all the unions with a presence in the Local Police has provoked an angry protest from CSIF, which has called a rally for this Monday, March 14, at the gates of the City Hall to demand that the Government Team to apply a similar increase to all municipal officials. CSIF considers it discriminatory that this agreement leaves out the rest of the workforce and asks that the negotiation in which that agreement was signed be declared null and void.

Aspolobba considers the measure to be fair because “local police officers do the same work as national police officers.” USO also defends it, although it will join the protest on Monday to demand that the same raise that will be granted to agents be extended to all municipal officials.

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