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The local police office of Aldea Moret will provide administrative services

Visit of the mayor to the place where the office will be. / TODAY

The PP claims that there are also operational units, while the unassigned Alcántara and Díaz ask for more agents to monitor the neighborhood

The office of the Local Police of Cáceres that is being adapted in a local in the Aldea Moret neighborhood will serve to provide administrative services, mainly, according to the councilor responsible for the area, María José Pulido, in the information commission meeting this Wednesday. She said that it will be a venue that, apart from other activities, will offer care to neighbors and will serve to “collect complaints” from citizens. “It is an old demand of the neighborhood associations of this neighborhood, who demand more presence of the Local Police, a demand that we share, and we will seek a greater presence in the streets and also at the headquarters,” she stressed.

It should be remembered that the refurbishment works of the municipal premises located on Río Tíber street began in December and have an execution period of four months, so if the deadlines are met, the work could be finished this spring, in the absence of of furnishing.

The project has a total budget of 115,000 euros and with this action some facilities that they used until 1997, when the office was closed, are recovered for the Local Police. From then until now, the premises have been used as a documentary archive for the police.

The architectural project reforms a constructed area of ​​98.20 square meters. Inside, the Local Police will have a main office room for customer service, with capacity for five jobs, an office for the head of the administrative unit and another post for access control and surveillance. It includes the necessary furniture for its start-up. In total, the premises have a capacity to accommodate 15 people at the same time.

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The PP, for its part, demanded yesterday that operational units be taken to this police office in Aldea Moret, and regretted that the presence of the police force in this neighborhood will remain in providing an administrative service but without the provision of police units .

Mateos recalled that this was not the commitment that the mayor made, but “he promised that he would have offices and staff from the different operating units, and the councilor has not been able to guarantee it in the commission,” he said. Also about the Local Police, the popular spokesman regretted that all the lots have been deserted, except the one related to motorcycles, for the renewal of the body’s vehicle fleet.

The non-attached councilors Francisco Alcántara and Mar Díaz requested in the commission a greater police presence in the area due to “repeated complaints about the illegal races that are held at night and start from the bookmaker on Avenida de la Constitución.” Also that the drug dealings be stopped.

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