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The love scandal of Sandra Echeverría and Leonardo de Lozanne, involving Mauricio Ochmann and Cecilia Galliano

The love scandal of Sandra Echeverría and Leonardo de Lozanne, involving Mauricio Ochmann and Cecilia Galliano

Sandra Echeverría.

Photo: Mezcalent / Mezcalent

Sandra Echeverría is not experiencing the best closing of the year in her career.

The beautiful actress, Born in Mexico City, turns 36, He has been in famous productions such as “El Cartel de los Sapos”, “El Clone”, “The Bridge”, “Criminal Minds”, or the Oliver Stone film “Savages”, but specifically this 2020 has been involved in controversy.

Who has been married since 2014 to the singer of Fobia, Leonardo de Lozanne, was entangled in the break of the actor Mauricio Ochmann with the also interpreter, Aislinn Derbez.

Apparently, the media pointed to the actress as being the third in contention that led the two histrions to divorce, something that It was denied by Echeverría herself in an interview with Mara Patricia Castañeda.

“It made me very angry because if there is something I have, it is respect towards Mau and Aislinn, because I am also friends with her. It made me mad because I eat we just did a project in November (last year) and it coincides with the date they splitNow I am the culprit ”.

Sandra confessed, after the gossip that occurred in March between her and Ochmann, who has shared three productions with the American-born, in which she began to forge a friendship with him.

Such was his anger that he went against the program “Suelta la Sopa”, which had confirmed the relationship between the couple of actors of “The Clone.”

You guys are rubbish. They make up stupid gossip just to try to sell. Nor do they sell anymore. I have all the affection and respect for Ais and Mau and I am immensely happy with my husband, whom I love deeply. That photo is from a movie that we will release this year ”.

Cecilia Galliano, your rival?

After this mess, again Sandra and Leonardo starred on the covers of the entertainment media when it was rumored that Cecilia Galliano had had an affair with the rocker.

Echeverría herself defended the beautiful Argentine driver, ensuring that, on the dates that her husband and the famous woman were supposedly together, Sandra and De Lozanne were in Miami.

Another issue that the beautiful 36-year-old birthday girl is facing is that she was infected with COVID-19, something that he did that will leave the recordings of “Tu Cara Me Suena” on Univision.

Hopefully soon the luck of Sandra Echeverría, one of the most talented and beautiful actresses in the business.

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