Sunday, April 18

The “lucrative business” of mass kidnapping of school children in Nigeria

  • I am from Orjinmo
  • BBC News, Abuya

Humaira Mustapha mourns the kidnapping of her daughters


Two daughters of Humaira Mustapha were abducted when gunmen attacked a girls’ school in Zamfara.

Since December, more than 600 students have been abducted from schools in northwestern Nigeria, highlighting the serious crisis in the country, in which a large number of abductions take place in exchange for money.

The kidnapping a few days ago of almost 300 minors at the Government Secondary School of Sciences for Girls, a boarding school in Jangebe, in the state of Zamfara, was the second massive kidnapping of schoolchildren in the country in less than 10 days.

On February 17, 27 children and their teachers were also taken from a school in Kagara, in the state of Niger, being released after a few days.

Authorities say recent attacks on schools in the northwest of the country have been carried out by “bandits,” a vague term for kidnappers, armed robbers, cattle thieves, herders from the F regionulani and other armed militias operating in the region and primarily motivated by money.

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