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The Mac Studio is considered as one of the surprises of today’s Apple event. And a new monitor accompanies him

Apple’s ‘Peek Performance’ event is taking place in a few hours, but there is still room for rumors of new products. The most surprising is probably a hypothetical Mac Studio which would be a kind of mini supervitaminado Mac.

The youtuber Luke Miani revealed a conceptual image of this equipment that would be larger in size but would also allow for more power and better cooling. Mark Gurman has corroborated the rumour, and claims that the team It will arrive together with the hypothetical Apple Studio Display monitor.

The Mac mini gets older

If this theory is fulfilled, the Mac mini could be complemented by a Mac Studio that, thanks to these larger dimensions, would propose a much more powerful model, perhaps with the expected M2 or even with the most powerful variants of the Apple M1, the M1 Pro or M1 Max that are an integral part of the MacBook Pro.

Screenshot 2022 03 08 At 10 03 33

What memories.

Those chips would certainly have much more room for cooling if we take a design that also very reminiscent of the legendary Power Mac G4 Cube that Apple launched in 2000 and that, yes, failed in the market.

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The new team would therefore be a new member of the Mac family, and would establish a new step between the Mac mini and the Mac Pro. Apple could have everything planned here, because that team would be accompanied by the launch of the rumored monitor, which in Miani have already baptized as the Apple StudioDisplay.

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This monitor would be a budget version of the Pro Display XDR. There is talk of a 27-inch diagonal would make important sacrifices to lower the price.

Screenshot 2022 03 08 At 10 10 59

No Mini LED and no Pro Motionfor example, which would allow us to propose a much more affordable and very interesting option to combine it with Mac Studio.

It was already known that Apple I was working in a cheaper monitor although without the benefits of Pro Display XDR, but until recently this project seemed that it could still take a few months to arrive.

However, both the new Mac Studio and the Apple Studio Display —if they are finally called that— could be ready for release today according to Mark Gurman, an analyst at Bloomberg and who is usually right with his predictions of future launches.

What is not clear is if that hypothetical Mac Studio will also theoretical Mac mini with M2 chip does not appear. This was indeed one of the great candidates to be presented this afternoon, but now everything is a bit fuzzy.

We will soon find out what Apple had in store for us in this area, but even Ming-Chi Kuo had spoken about what in 2022 we would see a more powerful Mac mini (but no mention of a variant like the Mac Studio) and also a more affordable external monitor.

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A green iPhone 13 that I love you green

The product we’re all looking forward to at today’s Apple event is the iPhone SE 3 (5G), but among the candidates we were targeting was the renewal also of the ranges of tablets and Mac from Apple.

Screenshot 2022 03 08 At 10 00 14

Thus, it is also expected introduction of a new iPad Air 5 that in addition to improving performance offers new colors: there is talk of a purple version, according to Miani.

Screenshot 2022 03 08 At 9 59 54

The thing is about colors, because in addition to the iPhone SE 3 (5G) Apple could announce the availability of a new color for the iPhone 13: a dark green which would be added to the current “Sierra Blue”, silver, gold and graphite models.

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