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The MACA will have an access below the Plaza de Santa María

Facade of the municipal buildings on Jorge Juan Street through which the second access to enter MACA has been projected.

Facade of the municipal buildings on Jorge Juan Street through which the second access to enter MACA has been projected.

In 2002, the architects Sol Madridejos and Juan Carlos Sancho won the competition called by the Conselleria de Infraestructuras to build a museum that would assimilate the Insured’s hitherto and form a new milestone. Combining the historical character of the old building, which went from being a civil space to a barn and later a prison, a school and an archive, with a modern construction was not easy, but his project gave life to the Museum of Contemporary Art of Alicante.

Shortly after, both architects were commissioned by the Housing Board to work on a project with which they intended to provide the museum with a second access, in addition to the current one on Villavieja Street. Madridejos and Sancho’s proposal focused on creating an entrance through the municipal premises that are located on Jorge Juan Street, crossing the Plaza de Santa María through the basement until it communicates with one of the MACA warehouses that is at the same height.

The museum opened in May 2010 and opened to the public in March 2011, and that project was forgotten. Until now, when the Councilor for Culture, Antonio Manresa, learned about the proposal that the architects had in the drawer, as a result of his visit to Alicante to carry out a reform in the reception area of ​​the museum. In the project, in addition to the new entrance, there is also the extension of the building from the back, which overlooked the old San Roque school.

The interior has arches and vaults. manuel r. living room

“My intention is to start by creating a second entry by Jorge Juan, which would revitalize that area and take advantage of public buildings that are not used,” says the Councilor for Culture, Antonio Manresa, who says that now he has to meet with the mayor of Urbanism, Adrián Campos.

The initiative is only in its infancy, since it would be necessary to do “an architectural project and then a museum project, but already having another ticket would be of great value and would give the museum another life”, since it would mean winning a good number meters for this center that has a great lack of space.

It should be remembered that the buildings that are now proposed as a second entry to MACA, were included for several years in the recovery project of the now Basilica of Santa María, to locate in those spaces a museum for this church.

Plan of the proposal for MACA. In lilac, the new parts. On the right, the access via Jorge Juan street and the tunnel under the Plaza de Santa María and on the left, the extension from behind. s. madridejos and JC sancho

Regarding the budget to carry out this project, Manresa affirms that it will be necessary to see “the valuation” and study how to finance it. “It could be with their own budgets, through remnants or by credit modification, but I think it is a project for which the Alicante City Council must bet.”

What is a fact is the remodeling of the current reception area of ​​MACA, which is also signed by Sol Madridejos and Juan Carlos Sancho. In this space, the entrance counter will be removed to make it accessible, an area will be set up as a wardrobe with lockers, as well as a store above the museum. The display case that crosses one of the access rooms will also be eliminated to gain space and in the library the office area of ​​the library will be separated with screens.

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