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The Madrid elections lengthen the blockade of the judicial pact




The period of political tranquility, which was supposed to be conducive to reaching state pacts between the two major parties in Spain, has lasted exactly 23 days, since the celebration of the Catalan elections until the political crisis broke out in Murcia, with all its ramifications. Now with Madrid elections called By May 4 and in full political upheaval, it will be much more complicated for the pact for the renewal of the judiciary, pending since December 2018. The blockade is lengthening sine die, while socialists and popular show an insurmountable distance every day.

Not even the announcement of the departure of Pablo Iglesias of the Government, to present himself as a candidate for the Community of Madrid, seems to pave the way for a better understanding between the PSOE and the PP. Popular sources confirmed to ABC that negotiations at this time remain totally blocked, with no prospect of improving the situation.

The main opposition party recognizes that Madrid elections on May 4 still complicate the possibility of a pact, which was blown up when the PP saw how the Government did not accept its demand to advance towards judicial independence and the depoliticization of Justice, and maintained as a candidate for the judge José Ricardo de Prada, vetoed by the popular.

More tension

Political tension has exploded again in the last week, following the motion of censure in Murcia, agreed by the PSOE and Ciudadanos, which led to an electoral advance in the Community of Madrid and the resignation of Pablo Iglesias as second vice president to compete with Isabel Diaz Ayuso at the polls. From the popular ranks it is recognized that right now they have very little to gain from a state pact with Sánchez. Hence the party that presides Pablo Casado put in front, even more effort, your conditions to return to sit down and talk with the socialists.

In the main opposition party they do not plan any contact with the Government or the PSOE. Of course, if they call from the other party, they will listen, “as always”, but they will make it clear that if there is not an express and clear commitment from the Prime Minister in favor of the judges are chosen by the judges themselves, so that the former politicians do not occupy positions in the judicial bodies and so that Podemos is not present in the agreement, there will be no possible progress.

These conditions, and the blocking of the pact as a consequence of its breach, are the main argument of the PP to demonstrate its distance from ‘sanchismo’. Since Citizens and Vox They had already used the rapprochement that took place between the Government and the PP after the Catalans, to denounce an “institutional distribution”. The agreement then remained in the renewal of the RTVE Board of Directors, pending approval in the Senate to be complete.

From the government They convey that, indeed, all hopes of having a few months ahead of less political tension have been blown up. «For now, we have to wait and see what happens on May 4. Then we will see », explain sources of the Executive. From UP they convey that their position on this issue will not change. “Different styles will be seen, but there will be total continuity between Yolanda and Pablo,” they say. However, in the socialist spectrum of the Government they maintain some uncertainty about how Díaz is going to behave and say they hope that “he will concentrate his efforts on economic issues,” they say in the Government.

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