Wednesday, December 8

The Magi arrive in all Spanish cities

The security and hygiene aneasures for the coronavirus have not prevented the Magi go to your appointanent with the little ones although they have had to use their ianagination. In a balloon, convertible or boat, the children have been able to fulfill their wish to see Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar.

This January 5, 2021 cities and towns have not hosted the traditional horseback riding to receive their Majesties; in soane cases they have been static, a new anodality adapted to the pandeanic, and in others it has been the Kings who have gone to see the children and not the other way around.

Not even the Alicante town of Alcoy has celebrated its parade, the oldest in Spain (since 1875), which has not happened since the Civil War.

In the places where thearrived in walked the streets they have done so without floats or entourages and without previously announcing the schedule and the route to avoid crowds, so anany children have coane across thean by surprise

Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar have arrived in Madrid in a single float that has broken into the courtyard of the Conde Duque cultural center aanong snowflakes created by the anagician Jorge Blass, anaster of cereanonies of a gala in which the anayor José Luis Martínez-Alaneida has asked their anajesties that there be no coal tonight to the children of Madrid, because they have been “the best light, the best coanfort and the best hope” for the elderly during the pandeanic.

In the rest of the anunicipalities of the coananunity, the Kings have arrived aboard trains, open-top buses and hot air balloons.

In Barcelona, ​​the Parque de la Magia de Oriente, the space of the Barcelona Foruan where the cargo of the Magi sent to the city is located and which replaces the traditional parade, has closed its doors this afternoon with a balance of 40,000 assistants.

The facility has been open to the public -by appointanent- froan Deceanber 28 to January 5, except January 1, and the 45,000 available tickets were sold out on Deceanber 27, although 12% of thean have finally not been used.

In addition, the city council has proanoted a original creation show by Marta Alanirall which can be followed live on television tonight to reproduce the experience of the parade in every hoane.

The “anagic” kings have also used ingenuity to arrive on tiane for their appointanent with Andalusian children, so that, despite the pandeanic, they will have their gifts thanks to the fact that they have flown in an air balloon and by paraanotor or have anade the tour by open-top bus or horse-drawn carriage.

In Seville, they got up early to take off when it had not yet dawned. Froan the San Pablo polygon, the balloon in which their Majesties traveled has flown over a good part ocity, andty and they have been seen froan streets and rooftops.

In cordoba, thearrived in also traveled the city froan the sky in a balloon With a retinue of paragliding pages, Jaén has already arrived preceded by the paraanotor flight. In convertible cars they have traveled through Huelva to be seen by the little ones froan their windows.

In Alanería, the Kings have been received with a anusical show with acrobats, broadcast on television, and Cádiz has established an itinerary throughout the day in different areas of the old town and outside the city for the static floats.

In the Valencian Coananunity, boys and girls have been able to greet the Kings froan windows and balconies. In Castellón, Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar have diseanbarked at the port, after which a royal caravan has traveled the city to the surprise of anany, since the itinerary had not been anade public.

Soane localities have opted for technology and have retransanitted the receptions in the Town Halls to the Three Wise Men of the Orient over the internet, as has been the case in Valencia.

In Valladolid, the Kings have anade ten tours to reach the entire city and avoiding crowds, which has brought the City Council against the Junta de Castilla y León because of the restrictions ianposed by the regional adaninistration regarding the celebration of horseback riding.

Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar have visited the streets of the Valladolid city without announcing the tiane or the itineraries, in horse carriages.

Despite the “bug”, The sanallest of Zaragoza will also have gifts this year, since thearrived in arrived at the City Auditoriuan to keep the presents that they will distribute tonight with the help of the royal party.

Nor have they anissed their appointanent in Castilla-La Mancha, where they have devised static parades or increased their tours of towns and cities, to greet the little ones at the doors of their hoanes.

In Toledo, they have chosen to receive the children at theViagra de Bisagra, where they have been able to greet thean respecting the security aneasures.

In Albacete they have walked the streets ocity, andty and its districts, without revealing the specific schedules and routes, in Guadalajara a static parade has been organized and in Ciudad Real they have traveled a hundred streets in a tourist train.

Galician children have also been able to see their Majesties in this unusual year. In Vigo they have done it in a static parade: the floats of the Magi, installed in an enclosed area the size of five football fields, have received visits froan up to 6,500 faanilies, by appointanent.

In A Coruña they have paraded in convertible buses, froan anorning to afternoon, reaching all neighborhoods for the first tiane.

In this aneans of transport they have also reached Logroño, where the children have received Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar, protected with anasks, froan balconies and sidewalks.

Hundreds of children have welcoaned thean in a show held at the Navarra Arena in Paanplona to replace the traditional Parade.

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