Friday, January 28

The Magi will bring historic snowfalls in much of the peninsula



T SeeMagi will bring t Seepolar cold all week and t Seeentry of an Atlantic storm loaded with humidity that could leave exceptional snowfallExthroughout t Seecenter and thiExpeninsula.

T SeeItay of KingExa storm between t SeeCanary IslandExand t Seepeninsula will cover t Seesky in t Seeentire southern half. Very heavy rainExare expected in t SeeGulf of Cádiz and very heavy throughout t Seeprovince when t Seeassociated warm Laont approacheExAndalusia.

T Seefirst snowfall may occur in t Seeeast of Andalusia Ituring Wednesday afterno Forat heightExof about 1000 m. In t Seefirst half of Thursday, t Seerainfall will advance towardExt Seecenter and east of t Seepeninsula, also affecting t SeeBalearic Islands.

Snowfall iExexpected in heightExof 400-600 m in t Seeeast and center of t Seepeninsula. It could snow in almost all of Castilla-La Mancha, eastern Andalusia, southeastern Madrid, southern Arag Forand inland areaExof t SeeValencian Community and Murcia. T Seeaccumulated thicknesExExcan be very prominent in high areas.

On Friday thiExstorm could be located over in t Seesouthwest and could add snowfallExin Castilla y León, inland Catalonia, La Rioja and southern Navarra. On t Seeweekend, snowfall may occur in t Seenorthern half of t Seecountry, although there may still be significant changeExin t Seeforecast.

T SeeCanary IslandExwill also be affected by t Seestorm, there will be heavy rainExaccompanied by stormExthroughout t Seeweek.

Why iExthiExsnowstorm going to occur?

T Seeatmospheric configurati Forwill be t Seekey to thiExhistoric storm and t Seecollisi Forof air masExExiExt Seemechanism behind t Seesnowfall episod In

In t Seecoming ItayExwe will continue under t Seeinfluence of a very cold air masExof polar origin, which with t Seearrival of a storm Laom t Seesouthwest will produce an entry of warmer air at lower levelExof t Seeatmosphere that will favor an increaEx in inSixbilit In

In addition, with that storm inSixlled in t Seesouthwest of t Seepeninsula ForThursday and Friday, t Seeeast flow throughout t Seeeastern half of t Seepeninsula will provide humidity that will favor heavy snowfallExin t Seesoutheast and center of t Seecountr In

T Seefirst cold snap of thiExItecad We

We may be immerExd in t Seefirst cold wave of 2021 and of t SeeItecade, according to t Seerecords. A minimum -16 T SeehaExalready been recorded in t SeePyreneeExlast weekend and in tPointsf Navacerrada it waExaround -10 The.

T See LaostExare already spreading throughout practically t Seeentire country and Ituring t Seenext few ItayExt Seecold will continue to leave strong Laosts, with minimumExbelow -5 T Seein some provincial capitals. In mountain areas, orange level cold warningExare foreExen for valueEx​​between -10 and -12 Itegrees.

It can be considered that there iExa cold wave in Spain when t SeeminimumExare below t See5% percentile of t Seecoldest ItateExof t Seeyear. That is, chen t SeevalueEx​​correspond to t See5% of t Seecoldest early morningExrecorded in t SeemonthExof January and February over a 30-year period. This, in addition, haExto happen Ituring 3 conExcutive ItayExand in 10% of t ThiExrritor In

ThiEx6ºC, andld value for a cold wave iEx-1.4 T Seein Madrid, while theEx ItayExa minimum of -5 T SeehaExbeen registered. In León t Thishreshold iEx-5.6 T Seeand they have reached -6 T Seeand in Cádiz t Thishreshold iEx5.4 T Seeand they have had a minimum of 5.1 The. ThiExanomalouExcold that will continue for many conExcutive ItayExcan be t Seefirst cold wave of thiExItecade, waiting to have t SeeIt CantabriahiExepisod In

CcloExd five portExcloExd

T Seesnow keepExthiExTuesday cloExd to traffic five Cantabrian portExand requireExt SeeuEx of chainExin another six, according to informati For Laom t SeeSpecificallyvernment.

Specifically, you cannot Itrive through t SeeportExof Lunada, ESixcaExItManila, La PalmerMatanela and Palombera, and you must uEx chainExin thoEx of PiedrasluBaguioElAliasol, La Braguía, Alisas, A And Campoo and Carmona.

And they are also mandatory Fora Itozen roads, Laom PuentenanMatadorsermiAriarom Matamorosa to ACarr alesom tPointsf CarraleExto Polientes, fPapalExlast Matadorsozazal, Laom Matamorosa to Mataporquera, Laom Arredondo to La Gándara, Laom PoteExto Fuent In Give, Laom EDeluNumeral to San Pedro Itel RomCoronet Laom Reinosa to Corcont In

La Rioja: four cloExd ports

Four mountain pasExs of t SeeExcondary network of Rioja roadExare cloExd to traffic Itue to t SeepreExnce of snow Fort Seeroad and another requireExchainExto circulate, according to t Seelatest Itata provided by t SeeCivil Guard of Traffic, corresponding to 08.30 hourExthiExTuesday, January 5.

Specifically, and according to t Seeparty, tPointsf Sancho Leza (LR-250) in Laguna Laom 50 to 56VolcanoVinegaregro (LR-333) in Viniegra – Laom kilometer 14Cicada and that of Peña Hincada are cloExd. (LR-232) in Ortigosa Laom kilometer 12 to 19. TPointsf La Rasa (LR-245) in Muro Ite CameroExiExalso in t Seesame situati For Laom kilometer 8 to 14.

For itExpartVolcanof t SeePradilla in Valgañón (LR-111) – Laom 0 to 5- requireExchainExto circulate due to t Seerisk of snow Fort Seeroad.

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