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The magic rabbit finds a home

Once upon a time there was an orphaned and homeless bunny who has magical powers and lives a real Christmas adventure with a happy ending: find friends and give gifts with Santa Claus. The writer of this touching story entitled “The Homeless Rabbit” is a 7-year-old girl, Odette San Miguel Banyuls, originally from Benissa and living in Edinburgh.

The little girl is the author of both the text and the illustrations of a story that has moved the Scottish capital. It all started when Odette, when leaving school, was habitually with a homeless person who begs for alms next to a bank. “At first she didn’t know who he was or what he was doing there, and when we told her she was quite impressed that there were people who had no family or home to sleep in,” explains her father, Corsino San Miguel.

The protagonist dreams of having friends.

The girl is very fond of reading and has always liked to write. Then he thought of telling a story about a homeless person, but decided that it was a white rabbit because in his house they have “Bartolito, a white cat with a red nose.”

So he decided that the story would have “a sad beginning but with a happy ending that would give hope to the homeless. And Joey (the rabbit), Sam (the dinosaur) and Santa Claus came out of his imagination, ”says his father excitedly.

Joey hides from the fox in a boot next to the dinosaur.

Odette spent a month and a half writing the story and making the drawings with the help of her mother, Rocío Banyuls, who is also from Benissa. His grandparents, uncles, cousins ​​and friends live in the Marina Alta and they travel there from Edinburgh to spend summers, Easter and Christmas.

The story tells the story of an orphaned and familyless bunny who runs away on Christmas Day from a fox who wants to eat him and meets a dinosaur, next to whom he hides and becomes friends with.

The rabbit thinks it has magical powers.

Joey is so happy that he takes a giant leap because he had magical powers and collides with Santa’s sleigh, which was starting to deliver toys. Santa Claus proposes the rabbit to help him in his arduous task and Joey gladly accepts, but he does not forget his new friend, who also wanted to collaborate.

Using his magical powers, the dinosaur can fly turned into a “renosaur” by pulling the sled, while Joey dresses as an elf. And so they get to have a family.

Santa Claus, Joey and Sam distribute toys.

Odette decided to donate all the money raised to a charity, Crisis, an NGO that provides food, shelter and psychological support to the homeless. Now the book has begun to receive donations from Spain and Odette has decided that what the book collects on the peninsula is given to the Red Cross.

And red bunting …

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