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The main phrases of Putin’s speech on the war in Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin today delivered a speech on the Russian military campaign in Ukraine, in which he announced a partial mobilization and thus recognized for the first time that the country wages a “war” in the neighboring country, again justified the attack and lashed out once again against the West and NATO.

These are the main summary statements of Putin during his 14-minute address to the Russian people:

partial mobilization

Q: Our troops are not only confronting the neo-Nazi formations in Ukraine, but also the entire military machine of the West. For this reason, it is considered necessary to make a decision that is fully in line with the threats we face: protect our homeland, its sovereignty and territorial integrity, guarantee the security of our people and of the peoples in the liberated territories.

–I consider it necessary to support the proposal of the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff to carry out partial mobilizations in the Russian Federation.

–Only subject to military service citizens who are in the reserve, and especially those who served in the Armed Forces, have certain military specialties and relevant experience. Those who are called up for military service before being sent to the units will have to undergo additional military training, taking into account the experience of a special military operation.

–The mobilization activities will begin today, September 21.

–Russian citizens called up for military service by mobilization will receive the status, payments and all social guarantees of military personnel serving under contract.

–The decree on partial mobilization also provides for additional measures to comply with the state defense order. The heads of companies in the defense industry are directly responsible for solving the tasks of increase the production of weapons and military equipment and deploy additional production capabilities.

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nuclear threats

–In Washington, London and Brussels directly push KieIt will transfer military actions to our territory. Now openly they speak that Russia must be crushed with all means on the battlefield, with the subsequent loss of all sovereignty, political, economic and cultural, with the complete looting of our country.

Q: Nuclear blackmail was also launched. We are talking not only about bombing of the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant, encouraged by the Westwhich threatens a nuclear catastrophe, but also from the statements of some high-ranking representatives of the leading NATO states about the possibility and admissibility of using weapons of mass destruction against Russia – nuclear weapons.

–To those who allow themselves to make such statements about Russia, I would like to remind them that our country also has several means of destruction, and for some components more modern than those of the NATO countries. And if the territorial integrity of our country is threatened, we will certainly use all means at our disposal to protect Russia and our people. It’s not a lantern.

–Those who try to blackmail us with nuclear weapons should know that the compass rose can also turn in their direction.

Russophobia, the destruction of Russia and justifications

–Kyiv initially responded “very positively” to Russian proposals, including during negotiations in Istanbul, which focused primarily on security for Russia and “our interests.” But this peaceful solution “did not suit the West”, so after reaching “certain compromises”, kyiv “received a direct order to break all agreements”.

–Ukraine began to receive even more weapons and launch “gangs of mercenaries and nationalists” on the battlefield, and NATO trained Ukrainian military and are under the “command of Western advisers”.

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–The The purpose of the West is to weaken, divide and ultimately destroy Russia.. “They already say directly that in 1991 they were able to divide the Soviet Union, and now the time has come for Russia itself to disintegrate into many regions that hate each other to death.”

-The West had been planning this plan for a long timeby encouraging “terrorist gangs” in the Caucasus, promoting NATO’s “offensive” infrastructure near Russian borders, weaponizing total Russophobia against Russia, and cultivating “decades of hatred” against that country.

Q: After the “kyiv regime” rejected a peaceful solution to the Donbas problem, and announced its intention to have nuclear weapons, it became absolutely clear that a large-scale attack on Donbas was inevitable. Then there would be an attack on Crimea, the Ukrainian peninsula that Russia annexed eight years ago.

–The decision of a “preventive military operation” was absolutely necessary and the only possible one. Its main objectives, the liberation of the entire territory of Donbas, have not changed.

–The Luhansk region has already been “almost completely liberated from Ukrainian neo-Nazis”. In Donetsk the fighting continues. “Significant parts” of the southern regions of Kherson and Zaporizhia have also been liberated.

Support for referendums

–Russia knows that the people who live in the liberated territories, first of all the historical lands of Novorossia (New Russia, as the separatists call the union of the self-proclaimed people’s republics of Donetsk and Lugansk), do not want to live “under the yoke of of the neo-Nazi regime.

Q: All the refugees from Zaporizhia, Kherson, Lugansk and Donetsk are the result of the “atrocities” in kyiv. More than 7.5 million people from these regions they were “forced” to flee, according to Putin, who argued that Ukrainian troops attacked “hospitals, schools and organize terrorist attacks against civilians.”

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We do not have the moral right to hand over people close to us to executioners for them to be “shredded”. We cannot help but respond to their sincere desire to determine their own lives.

-We will do everything possible to ensure safe conditions for the holding of the referendum (in the Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhia regions). We will support the decision about your future.

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