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The majority ask Trump to accept electoral defeat; Giuliani and his team continue legal battle

President Donald Trump it is far from accepting its defeat in the November 3 election, but 46 percent of Americans believe it should.

In addition to this, 32 percent said that “if you cannot back up your claims of widespread fraud”, the president must yield the victory to the president-elect Joe Biden. Only 12 percent defended the Republican.

This was revealed by the recent survey of Politico-Morning Consult, which establishes that Republicans are the ones who consider that the president should keep his sayings with only 17 percent in favor of him accepting defeat, unlike 72 of the Democrats.

However, President Trump’s legal team continues with the battle in courts in several states, accusing that there was a “widespread fraud”, but so far their evidence has been sufficient in court, where their efforts have been dismissed.

At a press conference led by Rudy Giuliani, personal attorney for President Trump, there was talk of “dozens” of evidences to support their claims, including some practices, such as entering a vote three times, in a case that has witnesses who signed notarized statements.

Guiliani and the legal team, including Sydney Powell, Trump’s campaign attorney, focus part of their legal defense on the fact that “infiltrators” of China, Venezuela Y Cuba, who own electoral equipment, participated in the conspiracy with Democrats for a nationwide fraud.

However, the president’s lawyer was unable to present hard evidence during his press conference.

“I hope we have time to gather the evidence.”, he said, in addition to accusing George Soros – whom he pointed to as the main donor to the Democrats – as part of the conspiracy. Nor did he offer proof of this.

Both Giuliani and his legal team constantly mentioned Hugo Chavez as one of the conspirators, although the Venezuelan leader died in 2013.

“What I am describing to you is massive fraud. He is not a little boy “, he expressed. “The president is way ahead (in votes) on election night.”

When asked why the FBI does not have reports of widespread fraud as they claim.

“I don’t know where the FBI has been in the last three years.”Giuliani said.

He accused the Democratic governments in Detroit and Philadelphia of controlling the vote and being “extensively corrupt” in order to carry out the “fraud.”

“Each of these cities are cities controlled by Democrats. Which means they can get away with whatever they want, ”he said without presenting evidence. “Unfortunately, they have friendly judges who will issue ridiculously irrational opinions just to decide in their favor.”

Giuliani stood out at the press conference for sweating hair dye. / PHOTO: MANDEL NGAN – GETTY

Movie theory

One of the highlights of Giuliani’s press conference and President Trump’s defense team was when the former spoke of evidence and cited the film. My Cousin Vinny (My cousin vinny), stating that he had “hundreds” of notarized statements.

“Did everyone see My cousin Vinny?”, he expressed in reference to the accusations that the Republican electoral observers were far from the count. “These people were further away than my cousin Vinny from the witness.”

It should be remembered that one of the lawsuits in Philadelphia charged that Republican observers could not closely observe the count, despite the court order. A Fox News reporter in the same space said that representatives for President Trump were lying, as he saw them alongside Democrats watching the vote count.

The former New York mayor spoke for most of the nearly hour and a half of the press conference, where he was seen hot and sweating hair dye.

Powell, who was an attorney for Michael Flynn, added to the theories that communist countries, including China, intervened in the election. Nor did she present evidence, although she said she had received “several phone calls” from other countries, where “the same thing had happened”, without saying which countries and who called her.

Jenna Ellis, Another of Trump’s campaign legal advisers accused the media of biased coverage against the president, in addition to calling journalists ignorant, since they were unaware of the judicial processes, which can take weeks or months.

“This is not a chapter of Law and Order”, he expressed. “This is an initial position.”

He added that he already “imagined” the headlines the next day with inaccurate information and without showing the evidence they presume, although such evidence was not shown at his press conference.

What happened in Michigan?

President Trump’s reelection campaign said Thursday it will drop a lawsuit challenging the results of the vote in Michigan, where Biden is awarded the trinfo.

“This morning we dropped our lawsuit in Michigan”Giuliani said in a statement. “The goal is to achieve the relief we seek: to prevent Wayne County elections from being prematurely certified before residents can be sure that all legal votes have been counted and every illegal vote has not been counted.”

The lawsuit had attempted to prevent Wayne County, Michigan’s most populous and includes Detroit, from certifying its election results, alleging that poll workers counted thousands of invalid ballots.

On Tuesday, that county’s Canvassing Board unanimously certified election results showing Biden beating Trump, hours after Republicans Monica Palmer Y William Hartmann they blocked the formal approval of the votes cast.

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