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The man from Alicante who explains what “that of the opera” is

The terms “millennials” also come to classical music. And the Castell de Peralada Festival, for next July 29, has not wanted to be left behind. This is how Ópera followers was born, a recital in the key of humor that will carry out a historical tour of the most famous themes of the lyric to bring it closer to the young public.

The master of ceremonies will be a «youtuber». He will change the computer screens for a stage to start a journey towards a part of music somewhat unknown to the newer generations, accustomed to reggaeton and electronic music. Taking advantage of the pull and connection they have with this group and the large number of “followers” that they concentrate on their social networks.

Only the main ingredient is missing: the voices. One of them will be the low crevillentino, Manuel Fuentes, winner of the Castell de Peralada Extraordinary Festival Award in the 2020 Tenor Viñas Contest. The arrival of the covid changed the dates and the recital will take place in 2021. Along with him will be the mezzo-soprano Olga Syniakova, who also won the award this anus. Both will be in charge of connecting and explaining two totally antagonistic worlds.

In this 35th edition of the festival, the organization is run by stage director Albert Estany, who will put on a show “that attracts young people to the opera, presenting it and learning more about the ins and outs of this world. It’s about doing it in a new, attractive and dynamic way, “he says.

Manuel Fuentes, in one of the essays of Il Trovatore. | PALMA PRINCIPAL THEATER

At 25 years of age, the participation in this recital «means a lot, it is one of the most important festivals in the world, which always have the most representative figures of the lyric of the moment, it is a pride to be part of this project, especially in this edition, which pays a special tribute to the patriarch of the Suqué family, who died a few weeks ago.

It is curious that this young man, through the interpretation of musical pieces, present a world something unknown to teenagers, when his beginnings in music were to raise grades in school. He started in the school choir to get rid of music class and get a better grade. So, singing was not his passion, it was football, which he dreamed of dedicating himself to before putting his vocal cords to work.

Little by little, he began to like this world and, behind the scenes, he began to put a voice in secondary roles in the representations of Coral Crevillentina, an entity that gives name to the hobby for which the Alfombrero municipality is known.

«Thus I serve as an example to other young people, although in my family there is a lot of choral tradition, I wanted to dedicate myself to soccer and I was studying Teaching», Explains Fuentes. He will not be alone, he will have the “inestimable help” of the mezzo-soprano Syniakova, “we are both very excited to be able to resume the performances, always maintaining the measures emanating from the health authorities. It has been certified that the Culture is safe and theaters are places where infections have been very lows. We are well received by the public and we hope that the vaccination continues to advance because the artists need the public in a theater, it is the sustenance that gives us strength and enthusiasm, “he says.

New projects

Immersed in the rehearsals for the opera Il Trovatore, one of Verdi’s great classics, this week he will take to the stage of the Teatre Principal in Palma to represent Ferrando, under the stage direction of Marta Eguilior, «a young Basque with a great future in music, in a world somewhat hermetic for women, is running as one of the stage directors with a future in the country. At the helm, Matteo Beltrami, «it helps to be led by an Italian teacher to improve pronunciation and vocalization from language”.

Later, in October, he will be at the Campoamor Theater in Oviedo with the opera La Bohème by Puccini. He will also go through the ABAO in Bilbao and, across the seas, will perform in Ljubljana, in a round of European festivals as a young singer.

Despite his youth, and carrying the odd international lyrical award behind him, having won the Alfredo Kraus International Competition in 2019, he is aware “that the singer’s life is very long and I must go little by little making a hole for me in this world ».

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