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The man shot to death in El Albir was arrested with weapons and coca two years ago

Establishment of El Albir where the Albanian citizen was shot dead.

Establishment of El Albir where the Albanian citizen was shot dead.

The 42-year-old man of Albanian nationality shot dead last Friday on the terrace of a British pub-restaurant in El Albir, in l’Alfàs del Pi, was arrested for documentary falsification more than a month ago in a operation for retail drug trafficking in the same area and two years ago he was also captured by the National Police in another operation in which several weapons and a multi-kilogram cocaine-impregnated quilt were intervened. Civil Guard investigators continue to collect data to clarify the crime and identify the gunman who allegedly executed him for a settling of accounts.

The arrest of the Albanian citizen two years ago, in December 2018, was carried out in an anti-drug operation in which the National Police arrested five people in l’Alfàs del Pi and in Benidorm. In the intervention, a quilt with cocaine and several weapons were seized, specifically a Kalashnikov assault rifle, a pistol, abundant ammunition and two electric weapons, as well as a frequency inhibitor, as sources close to the case have confirmed to this newspaper.

The last arrest took place a little over a month ago and he was charged with a crime of document falsification. The now deceased was in a bar in El Albir, where the Civil Guard and the National Police broke into to arrest those responsible for the premises for retail cocaine trafficking.

The bar owner’s daughter was the Albanian citizen’s ex-partner and he had come to collect a bag with his belongings after breaking up. In this action, false documentation was intervened and for this reason he was transferred as a detainee for the crime of falsifying a public document.

The researchers of the Homicide Group of the Alicante Command They took charge of the case after the first investigations carried out by the Civil Guard and analyzed the victim’s background and the data of witnesses and acquaintances of the deceased to clarify the circumstances of this crime.

The crime was committed around half past nine at night last Friday in “The Orange Tree”, a British pub-restaurant located in El Albir. The male of Albanian origin was with a friend on the terrace of the establishment when a hooded man approached him and shot him five times before fleeing the scene.

The emergency services were alerted and the first to arrive at the establishment were agents of the Local Police of l’Alfàs and later of the Civil Guard. The victim was still alive when the perpetrator of the crime fled on foot and the health services carried out unsuccessful cardiopulmonary resuscitation maneuvers and the death was confirmed at eleven o’clock at night to the Civil Guard.

A waiter at a nearby restaurant told Efe Televisión that they heard several shots and that a colleague from his premises tried to carry out the first relief maneuvers.

The specialists from the Criminalistics Laboratory carried out an inspection at the site in order to collect any evidence or evidence that could identify the murderer, during which they collected several casings.

The Judicial Police of the Civil Guard of Altea and the specialists of the Homicide Group of the Alicante Command carried out the necessary inquiries to clarify the case. From the beginning, the Civil Guard considers a reckoning as a motive for the murder in the restaurant.

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