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The man who found his mother 3 decades after being kidnapped thanks to a drawing from his childhood memories

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Li Jingwei upon reuniting with his mother.

Image source, Beijing News / Weibo


Li Jingwei was reunited with her mother on January 1, after more than three decades of separation.

He was kidnapped and separated from his family more than three decades ago, when he was just 4 years old, and now he has managed to rediscover his biological mother.

Told like this, Li Jingwei’s story already seems extraordinary, but in reality it is much more so since this reunion was only possible thanks to a map that he managed to draw of his native village, based on his childhood memories.

Being very young, Li was kidnapped and sold by a human trafficking ring.

On December 24, he shared on the social network of videos Douyin a hand drawing he had made of how he remembered his hometown, which served for the police to identify the town as well as a woman there whose son had disappeared.

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