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The man who ran over Alejandro Valverde was a civil guard

The accused of running over Alejandro Valverde leaves the City of Justice. / NACHO GARCIA / AGM

The magistrate, who released the arrested man with charges, explains in the car that there are indications of a possible crime against road safety, injuries and abandonment of the scene of the accident

The man arrested for running over Alejandro Valverde and his companions last Saturday in Alcantarilla, on the road that connects the municipality with Javalí Viejo (Murcia), was released on Monday with charges. The arrested person went to court yesterday morning to testify before the head of the Investigating Court number 3 of Murcia, on duty.

It is a 69-year-old man and a resident of the Murcian district of La Ñora. In addition, the defendant was a member of the Civil Guard and was working for a time as an assistant at the Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences of Murcia.

According to sources from the TSJ of the Region of Murcia, the defendant is obliged to appear when summoned by the court hearing the case and, in any case, on the 1st and 15th of each month. The magistrate explains in the order that, although there are indications of a possible crime against road safety, injuries and abandonment of the scene of the accident, it is not appreciated that the requirements that would justify provisional detention (risk of escape, concealment or destruction of evidence or prevent criminal repetition). The judge has also agreed to the intervention of the vehicle that she was driving and the withdrawal of the driver’s license in a precautionary manner.

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The individual, who was driving the vehicle that deliberately rammed the Movistar team runner and his companions, turned himself in early Saturday afternoon at the Murcia Local Police station in La Alberca. Since then, he remained in the dungeons of the National Police in Murcia.

“He did not reverse to ram them and there are witnesses who can confirm it,” says the driver’s lawyer

Fortunately, the outrage was a scare. Alejandro Valverde, who was transferred to the Virgen de la Arrixaca hospital, did not suffer serious injuries. During the afternoon, after undergoing various tests, he was discharged and has since recovered at his home.

“My client is sorry”

The lawyer who defends the accused of running over the group of cyclists in which Alejandro Valverde was riding last Saturday assured that his client was driving his car that morning accompanied by his wife and sister-in-law and denied the intentionality of his action. “He did not back down to attack them and there are witnesses who can confirm it,” said the lawyer Ariane Santiago yesterday, after going to the City of Justice of Murcia where her client declared before the head of the Court of Instruction number 3, acting as guard.

“He wants to summon the media to tell his version of what happened. After spending 45 hours in police custody, he is now physically and mentally unwell himself. Everything that is happening to him is overcoming him », he exposed.

The defendant is 69 years old and is a resident of the Murcian district of La Ñora

Santiago explained that they have requested the ‘habeas corpus’ -procedure by which it is requested to appear immediately before a judge to decide whether the arrest should be prolonged or not- considering that it was not proportional to his advanced age and not having a police record. . “He’s a good man,” he noted. According to the lawyer, his client would like to speak with Valverde and the rest of the wounded, “since he is sorry; it was not his intention », he stated.

The 69-year-old man, a resident of the Murcian district of La Ñora, denounced that he is receiving death threats through social networks and denied that he had stated before the accident “wish for the death of cyclists, as has been published in some media, “concluded the lawyer.

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