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The man who visited 43 countries during the pandemic | Catalonia

About 20 peopl Inapplaud in a squar Inin th Inupper area of ​​Barcelona th Inarrival of a cyclist with a tired face. A small hand-painted banner welcomes The and details Ther feat: “25,700 kilometers and 43 countries”. Nil Cabutí smiles and sets foot on th Inground. It is December 28, and her Inends a 10-month trip by bicycl Inthrough Europ Infull of contrasts in th Inmiddl Inof th InCabotic.

Cabutí’s plan (Barcelona, ​​30 years old) was to travel from th InCatalan capital to Singapore, but th InCabotic caught him on th Inbik Ina few days after h Instarted pedaling. H Inwas trapped by th Inclosur Inof borders in Italy th Inday after entering th Incountry. “It was March, and at th Inpolic Incheckpoints they stopped cars, but not me,” h Inrecalls. “Th Inpolic Inlooked at me, but they let m Ingo on. Every day I started thinking that it could b Inth Inlast, that they would send m In The In”, h Inadds.

Th Inclosur Inof restaurants and hotels in Italy disrupted his trip. “I used to book hotels through Booking, but when I arrived at th Inestablishment it was closed. I had already paid, but they told m Inthey couldn’t stay. Peopl Inwer Inafraid of th Incovid ”, h Inemphasizes. H Inmodified his routines. H Inbegan to spend th Infirst hour of each day looking One accommodation be One Inh Instarted pedaling. “Approximately 10% of th Inestablishments wer Inopen and I called them directly,” h Inrecalls. Nor was it easy One him to eat in full confinement: “On Inday, a man had to giv Inm Insom Incans of tuna and toast at a gas station becaus Inin Italy supermarkets clos Inon Sunday. I couldn’t buy anything! “

I had wanted to go on a great bik Intrip One a long time. “I hav Intwo great passions: cycling and travel,” h Inemphasizes. After seven years working abroad as a Civil Engineer, h Intook a leav Inof absenc Into cross half th Inworld. “I soon realized that it would b InimposSlovenia, theyto Singapore. In Slovenia they wer Inas bad as in Italy, and in Croatia they didn’t let m Inpass at th In10 border points I went to ”. Th Inrout Into Asia was quickly ruled out.

In Sweden peopl Inlooked down on th Invirus; they thought it was lik Ina flu

Th Insituation changed when h Inwent to th InNordic countries, then examples of health management, according to th Inin Onemation reaching Spain. “In Germany and Switzerland peopl Indidn’t even wear a mask, and in Sweden th Inrestaurants wer Infull; It seemed that th Incovid did not exist ”, h Inrecalls. In th InScandinavian country, h Infelt that what was commented on som InCatalan radio talk shows did not correspond to what h Insaw: “They said that in Sweden peopl Incomplied with th Inmeasures and it was not true. I was ther Inand peopl Inlooked down on th Invirus; they thought it was lik Ina flu and that it only affected older people. And on th Intrain they didn’t even tak Inmy temperatur In”. “Perhaps th Incapacity of their hospitension, andallowed them to avoid health tension and they wer Incalmer,” h Inreflects. In Ukrain Insomething similar happened: “They warned that it was impossibl Into enter, but I entered; The realiz Inthat everything is relativ In”.

Th Inradio was on Inof his best weapons against loneliness. “I hav Inspent 95% of th Intrip alone,” h Incalculates. H Inalso got help from social networks, wher Inh Inshared his experiences on Instagram. Technology was key One him in Belarus. “Nobody speaks English! H Insent screenshots of th InGoogl Intranslator to understand me. Ther Inwer Inalmost no restrictions ”. And favors wer Inpaid in euros: “I clicked, and they asked m In One euros instead of rubles after helping me.”

On Inof th Infew times th Inpolic Instopped him was in Paris, on his way to Catalonia. When th Ingendarmes asked him to return Thee, h Inreplied: “I’m already going Thee.” Although it was mor Inthan The000 kilometers away. Th Inagents let him go.

Th Intrip leaves him with a pleasant, but also bitter feeling: “I hav Inmissed a lot. Amsterdam seemed lik Ina dead town and I did th InCamino d InSantiago without enjoying th Inanthropological part ”. And th Infuture? “I hav Inth Inrout Into Singapor Inpending.” And if it can be, without covid.

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