Tuesday, March 9

The Marcos Group sells its Drivalia rent-a-car company to a Fiat subsidiary

Drivalia's facilities next to El Altet airport.  |  ANTONIO AMORÓS

Drivalia’s facilities next to El Altet airport. | ANTONIO AMORÓS

The Marcos Group, one of the companies with the highest turnover in the province thanks to its network of dealers, Get out of the rent-a-car business. The oriolan companya has sold its investee Drivalia to Leasys, the company specializing in mobility shared by FCA Bank – the financial arm of the Fiat group – and the French Credit Agricole Consumer Finance, which is in full expansion. An operation that was closed last fall, but that was formalized yesterday with the replacement of the administrative bodies published by the Official Gazette of the Mercantile Registry.

The Fiat subsidiary has taken over 100% of the shares of the rental firmSince, in addition to the 60% that Grupo Marcos had approximately, it has also bought the stake that was held by other minority partners, such as the former CEO of the company, Martin Hall, who will remain in the management team.

Both Hall and the CEO of Grupo Marcos, Francisco Marcos, yesterday completely disassociated the operation from the situation caused by the covid, and pointed out that it had been brewing since before the onset of the pandemic. “After several years of expansion, Drivalia was at a point where it had to consider taking a significant leap and this was coupled with the fact that Fiat was betting on the Leasys project, with acquisitions in several countries to grow,” Hall explained yesterday. For its part, the Oriolan firm considered that it had already completed its investment cycle in the rent-a-car company and wanted to take the opportunity to go out and focus on its core business.

Thus, according to Marcos himself, the profits from the operation have served to strengthen the group’s financial position and also to make new acquisitions. Specifically, the company has acquired the Renault and Dacia de Murcia dealership, thereby strengthening its positions in the neighboring region, as well as diversifying its brand offering. With this incorporation, the company, which in 2019 reached 420 million in consolidated turnover, already has 46 points of sale in Alicante and Murcia.

New mobility

For its part, the acquisition of Drivalia by Leasys is part of the company’s strategy to become a “360 degree mobility provider”. In other words, that it covers all the alternatives, from long-term renting to vacation rentals, provided by the Alicante firm, with its seven branches and its fleet of 4,000 vehicles. According to Hall, the intention of the new owners is to expand the network and also incorporate the trends demanded by the new generations, who are less and less conducive to owning vehicles.

Thus, in addition to flexible renting, the new Leasys / Drivalia also offers alternatives such as subscription vehicles, a kind of rental Netflix, in which, for a monthly fee, the customer can choose from a range of vehicles, according to their needs in every moment.

The company will maintain its headquarters in Dénia, where the management team works. In the last year with accounts deposited in the Mercantile Registry, the firm entered 10.8 million and obtained a profit of 1.3 million.

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