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“The Marina of Valencia offers unique conditions for the exhibition and sale of boats”



Since the end of 2020, Eduardo Gil has been the director of the Valencia Boat Show by Insurnautic, the Valencia boat show, organized by Consorcio Valencia 2007 together with the Unión de Empresas Náuticas (UEN). Gil comes to the position after two intense years of experience in the commercial management of the event. In 2019 he was part of the total reinvention of the event by the hand of Nacho Gómez – Zarzuela and in 2020, at the height of the health crisis, he was one of the ideologues of the Virtual Valencia Boat Show, the first 100% virtual boat show. For this 2021 it faces an event that has already broken the record of exhibitors and confirmed brands.

How have the exhibitors received the return to the presence?

The truth is that the reception has been spectacular. In June we already exceeded all our expectations, having reserved more than 60% of the space and a month after opening doors we are very close to hanging the entire poster despite having increased the exhibition area compared to the last edition. I think there is joy in the sector, it is being a very good season and it shows.

What changes are planned compared to 2019?

For this 2021 we have tried to distribute the areas of influx of the public, and propose a “visitor friendly” route. That is why we have structured the exhibition according to the user’s level of nautical experience: from “Discover nautical”, for visitors who have had little or no contact with the sea and its sports, to “Passion for nautical”, an area equivalent to the Shipowners Zone, where the exhibition and sale of new boats, engines and accessories will be held. I think it is interesting to group exhibitors according to the type of customer they are targeting, that creates flows of people interested in the same type of products and is good for all exhibitors.

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According to the latest statement, the Valencia Boat Show is in historical figures.

Yes, the truth is that we are very happy to already have 90 confirmed exhibitors, 95% of the space occupied, and the incorporation of brands such as Bali, Bavaria, Fim, Pardo Yachts, X Yachts and Zodiac that join the usual list in which There will be no shortage of units from Azimut, Beneteau, Dufour, Excess, Hanse, Lagoon, Jeanneau and De Antonio Yachts, among others. In this sense, I believe that the success of 2019 visitors has greatly favored us when it comes to facing this new edition, and especially the joint work with La Marina de València, which organizes the event together with the Union of Nautical Companies (UEN ). In addition, the sanitary conditions also accompany at this time and we also have the advantage of having an outdoor exhibition in a unique place, with practically unlimited space and infrastructures that allow sea trials with the boats on display.

Sea trials, are they an incentive for exhibitors and buyers?

Undoubtedly. For example, someone who has a specific model in mind or has even gone to see it at another event, and to finish deciding has the possibility of browsing it and seeing it in operation, don’t you think that would be a decision and purchase factor? In previous years, exhibitors already pointed out this advantage of the Valencia Boat Show, which turned it into a shopping hall, thanks to the conditions offered by La Marina de València to make it possible.

Innovation and sustainability, a common bet in boat shows

It is the future. The population is increasingly aware of reducing environmental impact, and boating is no exception. Companies are betting on innovative solutions such as hybrid or fully electric motors, and many companies are emerging with really interesting projects that combine both fields, innovation and sustainability. We are going down this path, and that is why at the Valencia Boat Show we have opted to dedicate one of our areas to these projects, companies and products, an area dedicated to blue growth, to the most technological and sustainable nautical.

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What influx of visitors is expected?

The truth is that we are optimistic about the number of visitors. As of today we have 400% more tickets sold than in 2019 on these same dates. In this sense, and after the health crisis, I believe that the Cannes boat show has set a very positive trend for the rest of the shows, showing that it is possible to hold an event of this type with all security measures. Cannes has equaled its record number of visitors for 2019, and in Valencia we look forward to continuing on its path. The Valencia Boat Show team, La Marina de Valencia and the UEN are working hard to make the event a success.

Does the problem of lack of stock of boats affect the show?

Not really to the exhibition, since the exhibitors have units to teach and test. This is a question that we have been asked several times this year, and I think it is important for visitors to know that of course, and as always, there will be boats at the Valencia Boat Show. In fact, more than ever.

And what will the visitor find as parallel activities to the exhibition?

In 2021 we will have numerous activities both in and out of the water. From talks on sustainability given by professionals from the Oceanogràfic, to the visit of a Navy ship without forgetting the Festa de Anniversari de la Marina de València that will come loaded with musical proposals, gastronomy and sea sports. There will also be a water sports area where you can try and rent paddle surfing, windsurfing, dinghy sailing or the new Seabob and hydrofoil. In addition, the Valencian Community Sailing Federation and the Real Club Náutico de València are going to organize dinghy sailing exhibitions and other activities, which will surely attract numerous visitors and the members and users of both entities.

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Nautical tourism, how does the city live it, and the living room?

There is a very strong commitment on the part of La Marina de València, the City Council, the Generalitat and, of course, the Valencia Boat Show for nautical tourism. We are a community and a city by the sea, and we have coasts and navigation conditions that have become famous throughout the world. I think that the Valencia Boat Show is a good showcase to gather all this offer and attract visitors from outside the Valencian Community.

How do you plan to attract these visitors?

First of all, with the dates. As every year, we take advantage of the All Saints holiday to celebrate the Valencia Boat Show, and thus facilitate the arrival of visitors from other communities, mainly Madrid. In addition, this year we have signed a collaboration agreement with Renfe, which becomes the event’s “official transport” and will offer tickets with special discounts of 5% on the rate open to the public at the time of purchase (discounts equivalent to 30% ), for exhibitors and visitors.

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