Tuesday, August 9

The marriage of mayors was vaccinated with doses that were going to be lost, according to health workers

The marriage formed by Coll and Vives also declared on the same day but in quality of investigated. Both were denounced by the Prosecutor’s Office, as was the first mayor of La Nucía, the popular Bernabé Cano, for skipping the schedule established in the vaccination campaign, taking advantage of their status as mayors.

The first two were administered the first dose of Pfizer towards 3 pm on January 8 at the El Verger health center, when those mentioned had already been immunized for that day and there were vials that were going to break down. That is why they were called, according to the health workers.

Cano was vaccinated in the early hours of Three Kings Day in a nursing home in his town, where access to anyone outside of it was prohibited, before the same was done with all users and health care personnel. In this case, the magistrate of La Vila on whom the instruction fell has opened an abbreviated procedure upon seeing evidence of criminality in the performance of the also provincial deputy of the PP.

Coll and Vives, suspended from membership since their vaccination became known, arrived at their appointment before the judge as they left: holding hands and declining to comment.

The lawyer María Risueño, who is in charge of the defense of the couple, also chose not to make statements although her relaxed face at the end of the day said it all. When asked if his clients were happy after his appearance before Judge María Luisa Calabuig, he just nodded with a smile.

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The only visible supporters of the first councilors, a sister of the councilor of Els Poblets and the mayor of Pego, the also socialist Enrique Moll, who embraced and vehemently defended his two party colleagues.

A long morning

The morning was long. The two mayors arrived shortly before 11.30 am, when the declarations were indicated. Inside the Palace of Justice there were already the manager of the Marina Alta health department, Luis Carretero, the director of the El Verger health center and the head of Nursing

The health workers explained that Coll and Vives were vaccinated following “clinical criteria”, that more doses than necessary were defrosted and that they were required because they were going to be lost. And they added that it was on January 15 when the protocol on excess vaccines was clearly established and that calling mayors or health councilors at the last minute should be avoided (which happened with the mayor of Dénia, the also socialist Cristina Morera, who did resign when his irregular vaccination transcended) so that they would look for “volunteers” to be vaccinated.

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