Friday, June 24

The mask is here to stay

Despite getting the vaccine, we must continue using the mask.

Don Pollard / NY Governor Office

Wanted the next generation of masks, masks or coronavirus protectors to save millions of lives in the United States, because that tiny element that was used almost exclusively by doctors and nurses, is now vital so that we can all go out on the streets.

Almost 700 million vaccines have been administered in the world and victory cannot be claimed yet, as we must remain vigilant to avoid new outbreaks and more infections due to the wave of almost 560 thousand deaths left by the pandemic only in the United States.

The most powerful nation in the world has already secured about 800 million doses of the three brands of vaccines approved by the FDA and that will serve to immunize almost 500 million people, in a country of almost 330 million inhabitants.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC, insist that we must keep 6 feet away from people who do not live in our homes, avoid crowds and, like it or not, never forget the mask or mask to return home without get the virus.

While we wait for immunization there is still a danger of getting sick, so looking for Let’s continue with preventive measures, the CDC has just announced a creativity contest so that the mask is never missing.

With the “mask innovation challenge, or Mask Innovation Challenge, the genius who wins the $ 400 thousand dollars of the prize, will have to demonstrate, before April 21 of this 2021, that in addition to being beautiful, the mouth and nose protectors are comfortable, with materials that allow the skin to breathe, kind to the environment, without the tiny virus particles being able to enter and attack the immune system.

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And it is no wonder, because we may have to use it for at least two more years, as happened with the mask that was the queen of all virus control strategies and proved its effectiveness, with the pandemic since the flu. Spanish, between 1918 and 1920.

The Advanced Biomedical Research and Development Authority, BARDA; and the CDC’s National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, NIOSH, are hopeful that with a novel product, better designs, environmentally friendly materials and technologies, we will get used to wearing the next generation mask.

Until now it was mandatory for the elderly, but with the Covid-19 mutations attacking the youngest and healthy population, it has become an object of democracy and must be used by adults and children, regardless of size; whether they are Hispanic or not, wealthy or perhaps lower income. It is everyone’s job to protect ourselves.

(The author – who uses a pseudonym – is a journalist based in New York)

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