Thursday, December 2

The mask is no longer mandatory in the courtyards of Madrid schools when there are distances

Two girls at the gates of a school.

The mask will no longer be mandatory in the Community of Madrid from this Monday in the patios and outdoor places of schools and workplaces when the maintenance of the interpersonal safety distance of 1.5 meters can be guaranteed.

In this way, students over six years of age will not be obliged to use the mask during recess periods in outdoor spaces that take place in the educational centers of the Community of Madrid “as long as the interpersonal safety distance is respected” set at 1.5 meters.

This measure will be applied in the educational centers of the Community of Madrid authorized to teach Early childhood education, primary education, compulsory secondary education, baccalaureate, vocational training, language teaching, elementary and professional music and dance education, professional teaching of plastic arts and design, sports teaching and adult education.

Likewise, the mask may be dispensed with at work centers. when employees stay seated in their position as long as the interpersonal safety distance of at least 1.5 meters with other workers or users of the facilities can be guaranteed.

Among other exceptions, it will not be required to carry it during the interventions of the parties in all kinds of legal proceedings when the distance can be maintained and in the swimming pools during the bath and while remaining in a certain space, without scrolling.

Another series of modifications regarding the planned measures for the celebration of certain recreational activities and public shows in order to allow the attendance of the standing public, always respecting the established prevention and hygiene measures, as well as certain aspects of the restrictions that affect sports facilities and social centers to equip them of greater clarity.

Hygiene and ventilation measures

In any case, the consumption of food and beverages should be done exclusively in the restaurant areas enabled for this purpose, which must be separated from the public area, and in which the general prevention and hygiene measures must be respected and proper ventilation must be ensured.

In case the CO2 concentration exceeds the 1,000 parts per million, clarifies, measures such as increasing ventilation or reducing the capacity until it falls below that indicator should be adopted.

Likewise, in sports facilities the use of changing rooms is modified, so that a maximum capacity is no longer required as long as the safety distance is guaranteed.

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