Wednesday, December 1

The Master in Reproductive Medicine at the University of Alicante and the Instituto Bernabeu celebrates a decade

The Master in Reproductive Medicine is a Own Postgraduate Title of the Department of Biotechnology of the Faculty of Sciences from the University of Alicante (UA) and the Instituto Bernabeu, in whose headquarters and laboratories theoretical and practical sessions are held for students who wish to specialize in the knowledge, methods and techniques of Human Reproductive Medicine and Biology.

The medical co-director of Instituto Bernabeu, Dr. Andrea Bernabeu, opened the event highlighting the values ​​of the clinic as a benchmark in reproductive medicine and a cutting-edge healthcare center. Professor José Luis Girela, director of the Master and the coordinator, Dr. Jorge Ten, accompanied by Professor Joaquín de Juan, promoter of this Postgraduate, have delivered the diplomas. Professor De Juan has praised Dr. Rafael Bernabeu, “for his intelligence and ability to see the future that has deserved national and international recognition ”.

Dr. Jorge Ten, director of the Embryology Unit of the Instituto Bernabeu and coordinator of the Master has highlighted that the tenth edition that starts this month of October “is a great joy and enthusiasm, as well as the consolidation of a Master that is different from the others, mainly due to its personalization and high quality of the final master’s thesis (TFM) that usually end up being scientific articles of impact and communications to congresses ”.

In front of a large part of the students present and with an image of those who have not been able to personally attend the ceremony to collect distinctions, Dr. Ten recalled that the edition 19-20, marked by the pandemic, “it did not deserve to end without the delivery of diplomas to the students who suffered it. We had to adapt to the new situation and the integrity, respect and patience these students had is admirable. Finally, it was successfully completed thanks to the effort and generosity of the students and teachers ”.

The edition of 20-21 has already been recovered and adjusted to the new times. Dr. Ten indicates that it has been a promotion marked by “the fear of having to stop or postpone practices.” In fact, the readings of the final master’s projects had to be delayed until September “and this was key to having more time and achieving the objectives”. The coordinator of the Master in Reproductive Medicine UA-IB praises that “they have been brilliant TFMs and we have been able to observe an incredible evolution in many students”.

Opening of the new edition

Professor Girela has been in charge of the opening of the X edition of the Master in Reproductive Medicine. And he has given an inaugural talk in which he has motivated students to investigate and always keep an eye on changes and developments. In his speech he highlighted that “we face this new course with great enthusiasm, being aware of what it means to be the tenth edition. It is very difficult to consolidate a project like this, but thanks to the excellent relationship with Instituto Bernabeu, and the experience accumulated in these 10 years, we are confident that we will continue to meet the expectations of new students ”.

The director of the Master has placed emphasis on working with the students, and in particular the final Master’s projects developed by them that “represent an improvement in daily clinical practice, from which not only professionals benefit, but also couples who they trust the Instituto Bernabeu to fulfill their reproductive dream ”.

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