Friday, January 21

The material author of the acid attack on two young people in Malaga is imprisoned

'El Melillero', being taken to court to testify.

‘El Melillero’, being taken to court to testify.
Alex Zea

The alleged perpetrator of the acid attack against two young people in Cártama (Málaga) on January 12 has entered prison after acknowledging the facts, although he has assured that he was forced by José Arcadio DN, the Melillero, who is also in jail.

The Court of Violence against Women number 3 of Malaga agreed on Thursday to be placed in provisional prison, communicated and without bail for the alleged commission of two crimes of attempted murder perpetrated by spraying the two women with acid when they were inside a vehicle.

In his judicial statement, the detainee by the Civil Guard has acknowledged the facts and has admitted to having been the person who sprayed the two young women with acid, as reported by the Superior Court of Justice of Andalusia (TSJA).

Sandra, 26 years old and ex-partner from Melillero, and her friend Cristina suffered deep burns in 45 and 25 percent of their bodies, respectively.

Researchers From the outset, they considered that the day of the attack the Melillero was not alone in the vehicle and, after the investigations, Juan José GR, the person who allegedly released the acid, has been arrested, according to sources close to the investigation. .

The detainee declared this Thursday before the head of the Violence Court 3 of Malaga And he has not only acknowledged the facts but has blamed the Melillero for being the instigator, since he owed him money for a drug that he had sold and, allegedly, threatened him with death to help him, according to other sources close to the case. .

He has also recognized that José Arcadio DN put two geolocation beacons that were found in the underside of the girls’ cars, since he has pointed out that he saw how he put them, and has asked for protection because he is afraid that they will now kill him in prison.

Police investigators have intervened in the vehicles of each of the assaulted women two tracking beacons.

The Civil Guard located the newly arrested man in a house in the municipality of Fuengirola, as the newspaper Sur has advanced this Friday, it has been registered.

El Melillero has always denied being the author of the events and supported his thesis that he had not suffered any type of Burns, so the investigators always thought that he could be the mastermind behind the attack.

However, the friend who was also attacked with the acid has assured, according to the statement to which Efe has had access, that it was the Melillero who threw it, and that days before he had threatened her; He has not been able to confirm if someone else was in the car, although now the new detainee has assured that it was he who threw the sulfuric acid at them, with a purity of 98 percent.

José Arcadio DN, 26, entered prison on January 18 for this cause and with the latter being detained they are and four people who are in provisional prison, some as alleged perpetrators and others as cover-ups, accomplices or necessary cooperators.

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