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The mayor demands legal changes against “profiles” such as the author of the explosion in Torrevieja

Image of the state in which two of the houses have been razed by the power of the explosion in the Diego Ramírez building in Torrevieja.  |  TONY SEVILLA

Image of the state in which two of the houses have been razed by the power of the explosion in the Diego Ramírez building in Torrevieja. | TONY SEVILLA

The Civil Guard is still looking for the 50 year old man that on Thursday caused a tremendous gas explosion in his apartment in the Diego Ramírez street in Torrevieja causing material damage in another 13 located on the same floor and in four houses on the upper floor. A neighbor who had a long history of confrontations with the rest of the neighborhood, whom he had threatened, who suffers from mental illness and Diogenes syndrome, and who has a criminal record and imprisonment, according to municipal sources. In this sense, the mayor of Torrevieja, Eduardo Dolón (PP) regretted in statements to INFORMATION that there are legal loopholes to act con “profiles of people of this type” to avoid an event that could have had dramatic consequences.

«We have an obligation to work so that these things are not repeated. It is a profile of a person with characteristics in which the administration has acted in different areas and has even gone through jail at some point, “he explained. «There are certain gaps in the current legislation that make it impossible for us to work on such a profile. This person who only deserves derogatory and pejorative qualifications and we hope that he will be arrested as soon as possible and I know that a good job of coordinating the Local Police and the Civil Guard is being done. And he stressed: “We claim that the author of the explosion bears the full burden of justice.”

«What happened yesterday (on Thursday) is a miracle. Thanks to the fact that the family who lived in the adjoining house filed a complaint with the Civil Guard and they recommended that they not spend the night at home. That was the first miracle. The second, the mayor pointed out, was that the person who did stay in the house spent the night on a sofa and not in the room -on which the dividing wall of the apartment fell due to the explosion- ». The third, he said, is that at that time, after six in the morning “There were not many people on the upper floors.”

“I want to congratulate the agents who were on duty because the first attention that the neighbors found was from the Local Police,” he specified. The mayor also thanked the work carried out by the technical services of Urbanism and clarified that the decision not to authorize entry into the upper houses, the second floor, is only because basic services were affected, for example the communication of the sanitation downspouts and the drinking water connection destroyed by the shock wave, not by the damage itself in those homes. At the moment, plumbing actions are being carried out to try to replace them. Six families are rehoused in hotels and there were no personal injuries other than anxiety attacks and some scratches.

Yesterday the Torrevieja firefighters had to go to the building to secure some areas in which they were producing debris falls while the Local Police also went to the notice of a neighbor who had detected that the door of one of the houses had supposedly been forced evicted on the first floor.

Appearance of the exterior of the building and the debris that fell on the street. | TONY SEVILLA

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