Thursday, October 28

The mayor of Elche asks Sánchez for a “decided investment” during his inauguration of the AVE

Sánchez, Puig, Ábalos and González, today at the AVE station in Elche

Sánchez, Puig, Ábalos and González, today at the AVE station in Elche

The mayor of Elche, Carlos González, declared today that “the arrival of the AVE to Elche it’s a comparable milestone to the statements of World Heritage Site for the Mystery and the Palm Grove, the implantation of the Miguel Hernández University, the return of the lady or the expansion of the airport. Today is a day for history as well as a solid foundation for our future ”.

González made these statements during the opening ceremony of the Madrid-Elche-Orihuela AVE, which was attended by the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, the President of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, and the Minister of Transport, José Luis Ábalos , among other authorities.

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, said at the ceremony that “The pandemic has not delayed those projects that we believe are powerful“, And added that this new high-speed line” involves the connection of the AVE with Elche and Orihuela, and an optimization of travel times, which now takes just over two hours. ”

For his part, the President of the Generalitat Valenciana, Ximo Puig, assured that this new railway infrastructure “is the symbol of the cohesion of our Valencian territory, from north to south, it is the symbol of everything that unites us”, while the Minister of Transportation, José Luis Ábalos, stated that “today is an important day for the regions of Baix Vinalopó and Vega Baja del Segura, especially for Elche and Orihuela, and we add 54 kilometers to the Mediterranean Corridor, from Monforte del Cid to Beniel , incorporating two new stations, Elche Alta Velocity and Orihuela Miguel Hernández ”.

The mayor of Elche, Carlos González, assured in his speech that the AVE and having its own station means modernity, sustainability and improving our connectivity for Elche. “In short, more competitiveness for the municipality and for our economic fabric. High speed is going to be a spur for the city’s economy, mainly for tourism and related activities, but also for the footwear industry. The AVE is a valuable opportunity for the socioeconomic development of Elche that we will know how to take advantage of ”.

New investments

González has expressed his gratitude to the Government of Spain, and especially to the Minister of Public Works, Jose Luis Ábalos, “for making the commitment of the arrival of the AVE to Elche a reality, despite the complications and current adversities”. But in addition to the thanks, the mayor has taken advantage of the visit of the President of the Government of Spain and the Minister of Public Works to demand new investments for the city.

The mayor of Elche, today at the Ave station in Matola during the inauguration

“As mayor, my job should be to ask for Elche, therefore, I have to demand more investment from the Government of the nation for the 19th city of Spain. For one of the economic and industrial capitals of the Mediterranean Arc, but that suffers from investor oblivion that comes from far away simply because it is not a provincial capital ”, said Carlos González, who has transferred to the President of the goverment and to the minister that “Elche needs a decided investment in infrastructure. We are urged to complete the Ronda Sur, modernize the commuter line that connects us with Murcia and Alicante, advance in the connection of this AVE station with the commuter line and, of course, connect our airport with the commuter line ”.

The mayor has finished his speech by ensuring that the arrival of the AVE is a reflection of the firm commitment of the Government of Spain with Elche. “We recognize and appreciate it and we are sure that our city counts on you as allies to advance in that necessary investment in strategic infrastructures to favor the prosperity and quality of life of the people of Elche and Elche ”, the councilor concluded.

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