Wednesday, August 4

The mayor of Elche defends the transfer that Castilla-La Mancha and the Government want to change

The head of the Municipal Government Team demands a great agreement regarding the Transfer and announces that he will ask the President of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, for his involvement with the Elche City Council in defending the rights of irrigators. Likewise, informs that it will lead to the next plenary session, which will be held on Monday, the 29th, an institutional declaration in defense of water shipments because they involve development, wealth and employment.

“Right now the Ministry is considering the possibility of reviewing and modifying the exploitation rules of the Tajo-Segura Diversion, and when this arises it always means reducing the water supply to the Segura basin. I want to say with total forcefulness that we are extremely concerned that decisions can be taken that reduce the transferred flows. It is absolutely inadmissible that measures that mean modifying the exploitation rules of the Transfer can be adopted without consensus, ”says the mayor of Elche.

“I have said it on more than one occasion. The Diversion is essential for Elche’s agriculture. Thousands of families depend on this Transfer and, therefore, it is the same as saying that thousands of jobs depend on our city because agriculture continues to be a strategic and fundamental sector for the economic cycle ”, explains González.

The head of the Municipal Government Team points out that “any decision that is adopted regarding the Tajo-Segura Transfer must be made with the criteria of the irrigators. I also understand that the ministry must promote a great agreement regarding the transfer that guarantees the rights of the receiving basin and that, in some way, promotes balance with the transferring basin without damaging the rights of irrigators, which are a fundamental piece in this scheme”.

Essential, inalienable and irreplaceable

“I have said more than once, and I will repeat ad nauseam, that the transfer is essential, irreplaceable and absolutely inalienable for the Camp d’Elx. We understand that it is an essential piece in the irrigation system and from the City Council we are going to make an extreme defense of what the transfer means for this land, that is, development, progress and, above all, wealth and employment; We cannot give it up, ”says Carlos González.

The minister, adds the mayor, “has proposed a new roadmap for the Tagus-Segura Transfer and we understand it has to be done with consensus, listening to the irrigators of the Camp d’Elx and the Segura basin.

On the other hand, Carlos González has advanced that he is going to ask the president of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, “to get involved with the Elche City Council in defending the rights of irrigators, of an essential transfer for progress, well-being and the wealth of our land. I will also promote an institutional declaration for the next plenary session in order to position ourselves in defense of the shipments of water that are fundamental for our land and for the progress and well-being of the people of Elche and Elche ”.

“We are going to defend the Transfer forcefully because it is fair for our municipality and because a part of our employment depends on this transfer,” concludes González.

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