Wednesday, December 2

The mayor of Sax asks to keep the barracks closed for two weeks

The Sax market reduces its capacity due to the coronavirus.

The Sax market reduces its capacity due to the coronavirus.

The Sax City Council has adopted new restrictive measures in the face of the increase in cases of covid-19 in the population. In the latest data update from the Ministry of Health, 39 positive cases have been recorded in the last two weeks. It is practically half of all positives since the beginning of the pandemic, which amount to a total of 80.

The mayor, Laura Estevan, has described as “difficult and critical”The epidemiological situation of the population, in the Elda Health Department to which the municipality belongs, and the saturation of beds in the Hospital. “We have had to adopt new measures to prevent neighbors”To whom he has challenged: “We all have to be aware that we have to do our part, it will depend on everyone that we stop the contagion curve, and that is why I challenge you to be fourteen days without opening the barracks and also avoiding acts in our private sphere “, has underlined.

The Ministry of Health has issued a resolution in which it limits the capacity to six people in the festive venues, in the barracks of the Moors and Christians festivities. “I think it would be very good if for two weeks we do not open any barracks,” said the first mayor.

The mayor’s petition aims to reduce social infections so that “our children do not get infected and they can go to school, let’s not get infected and we can go to work or that our elders have a bed in the hospital in case they get sick “.

Suspended workouts

On one side of the Mayor’s Office, with the new measures, training and sports competitions in municipal facilities are suspended, except in the categories of Cadet, Youth and Senior. The mayor has indicated that this decision with the lower categories is because “experts indicate that the smallest are those who have a higher rate of asymptomatic patients so they can infect without being detected”.

In addition, the activities carried out by the Democratic Association of Pensioners and Retirees of Sax in the José Encina Social Center, as well as the activity in the Day Center.

These measures are in addition to those that were already adopted a week ago and which are the following:

  • Alberto Sols Library and House Museum. Capacity at 50%.
  • Municipal sports facilities (Sports City and petanque). Closed changing rooms and showers. Cannot attend public competitions.
  • Central Market and non-sedentary market on Mondays. Capacity at 50%.
  • Parks and gardens. Sealing and prohibition of children’s games throughout the municipality. The parks close at 8pm.

The playgrounds in the Sax parks are closing again. ÁXEL ÁLVAREZ

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