Wednesday, October 20

The mayor of Torrevieja annuls the award of the garbage contract with the reports against his legal advisor

The director of the Legal Services of the Torrevieja City Council, Jesús López, when he served as accumulated auditor, during a plenary session

The director of the Legal Services of the Torrevieja City Council, Jesús López, when he served as accumulated auditor, during a plenary session

The governing board of Torrevieja Town Hall has decided not to award the contract for waste collection services, transport to landfill and street cleaning and cleaning and maintenance of the coast with four reports against – three from the general director of Legal Services and one from the supervising engineer of the service, one in favor of the General Director of Contracting. The general director of Urbanism has also spoken favorably.

The governing board has met urgently this afternoon, shortly before the beginning of the ordinary plenary session this month, to approve this proposed report that signs the general director of Contracting, Rosana Narejos, in which the decision to “avoid a scenario of breaches of the Stability and Sustainability law” is justified, for which the form of service management and the substantial reduction of the bidding price must be rethought, which will have to be pursued -said the agreement- without sacrificing quality, to a more efficient management from the economic point of view “.

The process by which this award is annulled, which contemplated a disbursement of 465 million euros over 15 years, began after the warning of the auditor that the income expected for 2021 could affect the sustainability of this benefit. and others whose adjudication is in process.

The decision of the first mayor has the technical support of the general director of Contracting and the general director of Urbanism and Services

Torrevieja has paid 65 million euros without a contract to Acciona for providing the service since June 2016. Its concession of ten years and two years of extension ended at that time. With the decision adopted today, the company will maintain the provision irregularly until the municipality starts a new file – the third for the same objective since 2015 – and decides on the model. Eduardo Dolón is committed to the creation of a joint venture -the slowest to process-, as he has reiterated in recent weeks.

Next, at the same point of the governing board, the five bidders who have participated in the bid are recognized the right to receive “compensation” for the expenses they have incurred while participating in the bid. In total 99,014 euros -19,802 euros for each company. Five major companies in the sector participated in the contest Valoriza-STV, UTE FCC-OHl, UTE Actúa-3RS, Urbaser and Acciona.

The stoppage of the award process occurred just when the supervising engineer of the contract had proposed to the contracting table to analyze and assess the technical criteria of envelope B of the tender.

According to this newspaper, the best valued company supposedly at that time in the process was Valoriza-STV.


The resolution of the governing board had another starting point. Four members of the hiring table, which decides the contract – those designated voluntarily by the local government – presented their resignation expressed in a letter in which, according to INFORMATION, it was indicated that they had received alleged pressure and coercion from the legal advisor to make the decision to continue with the award procedure.

The governing board chaired by Mayor Eduardo Dolón has decided “not to admit the request for revocation of the voluntary appointment members – the president of the hiring table and general director of Contracting, Rosana Narejos, the general director of Economy, Juan Carlos Carmona , the technical official Luis Rebollo and the secretary of the table Fernando Domínguez-. In this agreement “endorses the statements made by the communication (whose ends have not been made known)” for the “professionalism, impartiality and good functioning of said body “.

The other two ex officio members of the board are the director of the Legal Department Jesús López López and the auditor Cristina Serrano.

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