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The mayor of Torrevieja is considering a mixed management of garbage and relieving the wayward technician

Torrevieja pays 19 million euros a year without a contract for a deficit garbage service.

Torrevieja pays 19 million euros a year without a contract for a deficit garbage service.

Start again. The mayor of Torrevieja, Eduardo Dolón (PP) announced that yesterday the local government board decided to start a new file for hiring the garbage collection service -the fourth since 2016-. It was after the same collegiate body chose not to award the previous procedure, with the argument of ensuring the public interest: it was too expensive -25 million euros a year- for the current health crisis situation that implies a very significant decline of the incomes. A decision, which must still be endorsed by the intervener, taken with the report against the authorized national and director of the legal department, Jesús López, and the supervising engineer of the contract, and with others in favor of the general director of Human Resources and the general director of Services. Dolón also said at a press conference that he is considering the replacement of the director of the Legal Department, whose arrival he sold a few months ago as one of the pillars of the revitalization of the local administrative machinery. Synonymous with that “he is going to think about it” is that he considers it amortized and is going to request the state administration to take the place out to tender. Most likely, however, the official will leave the post before the process is complete.

The mayor said yesterday that his forecast is that the mixed company formula, in which the City Council has to contribute 51% of the participation, is ready in summer. An optimistic deadline when the general director of Services, who has tipped the balance when it comes to ending the previous contract, does not see it clearly in his reports either.

Another version of the ultimate reason for the “non-conclusion” of the contract, produced when the process was already well advanced with the technical offers, is that the initial evaluation of the proposals made by the engineer, which placed Valoriza in first place and Actúa in the latter, and that it was not formally analyzed by the hiring table, nor did it convince a part of its members that it was in their hands to decide on a contract valued at 466 million euros, nor the general director of Services. It is something that happened a month before the auditor warned about the decrease in income to prepare the 2021 budgets.

The mayor stressed yesterday that both the decision to continue with the procedure and the decision not to award were “just as legal”, but the latter has been chosen based on a criterion of “public interest”, linked to the financial sustainability of the City Council. Although the director of the Legal Department had assured that once the contract was awarded the fee could be lowered to adapt it to the income crisis. While it is being resolved how the provision is carried out – and since June 2016 – the company that provides the service, Acciona, has received 65 million without a contract.

Who ordered to appeal the file of the complaint to the secretary?

Mayor Eduardo Dolón assured yesterday to INFORMATION questions that the director of the legal department, Jesús López, ordered the external legal services of the City Council to appeal the file of a sentence without notifying him. It is about the file of the complaint that Dolón himself filed in December 2019 against the general secretary of the plenary session and the senior official for alleged irregularities. “This matter is investigated and settled,” he clarified. The first mayor affirmed that he has urged the legal services to desist from a legal action that has generated enormous tension in municipal management for a year. However, this newspaper has confirmed that it was an advisor to the mayor who also participated in the preparation of this legal appeal with documentation from the Generalitat.

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