Sunday, October 24

The meeting between Health and hospitality ends without new commitments to open the sector

Tables and chairs last Saturday in the Central Market area of ​​Alicante in the reopening of terraces

Tables and chairs last Saturday in the Central Market area of ​​Alicante in the reopening of terraces
Pilar Cortes

The Business Confederation of Hostelry and Tourism of the Valencian Community (Conhostur) that brings together the employers Valencia Hospitality Business Federation (Hostelería Valencia), the Castellón Provincial Association of Hospitality and Tourism Entrepreneurs (Ashotur) and the Business Federation of Hospitality of the Province of Alicante (Fehpa), has asked the Health sector table held this afternoon the use of the terraces to the maximum of their occupation possible by maintaining safety distances, opening of the interiors with a capacity of 50% and the extension of closing hours of the hospitality establishments assimilating it to the one indicated by the hourly limitation of the curfew without the Generalitat having agreed to any commitment. The Ministry of Health has listened to the proposals of the sector, which will be studied in interdepartmental meeting which will take place next Thursday. In addition to Conhostur, other entities such as the Leisure and Hospitality Business Coordinator have attended.

The president of Conhostur and Hostelería Valencia, Manuel Espinar placeholder image, has stated that for the moment “there has been no conclusion by the administration; our requests have been noted and now we have to wait, as always, to that meeting, in which We no longer know if technical decisions will be made or political decisions. To wait for the president of the Generalitat to leave with the Regional Minister of Health “to know the final decision. As Espinar recalled, they are “more than 15,000 companies, 15,000 families, waiting for that decision”, point out in a statement that they have just made public in reference to the 60% of hoteliers who have not yet reopened their businesses in the Valencian Community, about a third of them in the province.

“The sector again could be penalized by the lack of planning and coherence of the Generalitat Valenciana by maintaining a vacation that now, for fear of the great mobility that may occur during the next week of “no failures”, may have as a consequence that the activity of many hospitality establishments remains paralyzed. It would be the case of many restaurants that would continue to be unable to open because most of them do not have terraces, despite having spaces, infrastructure, and quality standards that allow us to comply absolutely with all the necessary measures to guarantee safety and that in many cases, they are establishments of national and international reference in the field of gastronomic culture. On the other hand, within the hotel industry other subsectors such as leisure or banquet and catering halls may once again be the hardest hit“, he says.

This employer assures that it is aware that a responsible de-escalation, and “that we must also continue to raise public awareness with the use of the mask at all times and respect for compliance with the rules.” However, as representatives of the sector denounce that these decisions “may leave a large part of the sector without the right to work “, and that in these moments “there are no health indicators to justify this decision, beyond the fear of repeating past mistakes, but we must not forget that a majority of third wave infections occurred in the private and family sphere ”. Meanwhile, remember that “Thousands of workers continue in ERTE, companies lack liquidity, aid is not coming, IVF subsidized loans in many cases employers are encountering innumerable difficulties in accessing them, and many applications are being denied. You are not allowed to work, but you do have to continue to face all taxes or rents. ”

Thus, they demand the urgency of a rescue plan “That can compensate for all these months of business activity paralysis.”

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