Monday, February 6

The Mérida City Council will distribute 600,000 euros in 20-euro bonds to spend in shops

Silvia Fernández at the presentation of the campaign. / Today

The forecast is to reach the three hundred small businesses in the city in this third campaign

The Mérida City Council resumes the campaign to promote local consumption with the distribution of twenty-euro vouchers. The idea arose in 2020 as a measure to alleviate the collapse in sales due to the health crisis, but it was so successful that the Consistory already said that the initiative was here to stay.

Tomorrow the bases of what will be the third consignment of discount vouchers will be published in the DOE. In total, 600,000 euros have been allocated on this occasion. The operating model is that of previous editions: the vouchers will arrive at all mailboxes and then there will be a list of stores where they can be exchanged for minimum purchases of 40 euros. In total, each business will have a cap of 2,000 euros.

In the first edition there were 157, in the second 234 and now the forecast of the City Council is to reach three hundred. To resolve doubts for businessmen interested in exchanging, Commerce will set up a technical office in the Alcazaba Cultural Center. Delegation staff will help fill out the necessary documentation to receive the two thousand euros.

In reality, explains the delegate Silvia Fernández, it is a direct assignment and prepaid. Once he has signed up for the list, on the same day that the redemption period in stores comes into force, the merchant receives the two thousand euros of direct aid from the City Council in his account.

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Then you will have two months to subtract those two thousand euros in twenty checks as clients come in. The drag effect on purchases leaves an economic impact of at least 1.2 million euros.

As explained by the delegate, not all are used in a minimum consumption of forty euros. Some are used in payments of eighty, ninety or one hundred euros.

The mobile consultation application that was already developed in the first edition will also be activated. The idea is that consumers know at all times the places they can go with their voucher. The businesses with the most public and the most sales are usually the first to exhaust the two thousand euros available and as the weeks go by the options are reduced. As Silvia Fernández explains, they want there to be real information for consumers in this campaign and they will be able to check availability in real time on their mobile phones.

He also highlighted the collaboration with the merchants’ association in each of the measures. “Everything is agreed with the sector,” he said.

The first edition included, for example, food and pharmacy. In the second it was also linked to the hotel industry. But now it’s headed for small retail.

The delegate explains that the hotel and food industry has almost completely recovered the volume of consumption that existed before the health crisis and that local businesses, on the other hand, need the support of direct aid.

The economic context is now different than in 2020 and the Consistory believes that direct aid to businesses should be maintained.

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