Wednesday, April 17

The Mérida does not trust its shadow

The Mérida expedition, prepared yesterday to fly. / MERIDA AD

Despite the dynamics of the Mérida team and the classification of Tamaraceite, Juanma Barrero’s team travel with great caution


Just one lap ago, Mérida escaped its first delicate moment of the season by thrashing Tamaraceite at the Romano, chaining from there one of its good stretches of the course. Today, however, he comes to the game from a different starting point. A very different one: without emergencies, calm, with confidence and football in his legs. So, knowing Mr. Soccer, let’s see where the game turns out for him.

Because the average fan who sees it from the outside does not dream of anything other than a nine out of nine against three teams in relegation places: Tamaraceite, San Fernando and Mensajero (in the first round, a goal by Mensajero in added time prevented the full). Which doesn’t look very feasible from the inside. “People can think what they want, but inside we know it’s not going to be easy,” warned Juanma Barrero in the preview.

“Tamaraceite at home has nothing to do with the one he plays at home,” continued the coach from Mérida. «You only have to see the points that he has taken in one place and another. In addition, already in this section of the championship, the teams that are down prioritize the points. Tamaraceite, for example, has gone from a combinative football to an extreme novel, from playing it even inside the area, to not risking so much. Although his model is still one of association and long possessions, he already combines that aspect with long game ».

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Except for their defeat two weeks ago against Cacereño, the Canaries have accumulated five wins in a row at Juan Guedes. And if they won their two postponed games, they would be four points from salvation. Although both are away from home and one of them against Córdoba. This midday, against Mérida, Pachi Castellano will only be suspended for his midfielder Dani Zizu.


Juanma Barrero, meanwhile, has left the injured Gaspar, Pedro Lagoa and Carmelo Merenciano and the sanctioned Diego López in the Merida capital. And he recovers Nacho González after sanction in the axis of his defense. In other words, the ‘eleven’ that was imposed on Don Benito a week ago will vary. “The good thing is that we have many options,” ponders the Mérida coach. With the return of Nacho González, he already has alternatives on the right side with Felipe Alfonso and Cubo. And without Diego López, he can bet on Álvaro Ramón on the left wing or that Artiles will fall there (betting on Goma and Mario Robles in midfield) or one of the two strikers (as in Ceuta).

«The nice thing is to get to Saturday and not have the team closed because you have doubts. And if they put you in those complications, it’s good because it means that people are working. Against Don Benito, the line-up is good but the changes give you continuity, and that’s the best thing that can happen to a team.” Something better could happen to Mérida: add 23 points of the last 27.

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