Wednesday, February 21

The Mérida embroiders it in Tamaraceite

Mérida achieved its seventh victory in eight games by defeating Tamaraceite (0-3) and managed to storm third place in the group after Montijo’s stumble against San Roque. The visiting team executed the game plan to perfection, knew how to take advantage of the errors in the ball out of their rival and, with two goals from Lolo and a third, from a penalty, from Aitor Pons in extra time, showed their good moment.

The team trained by Juanma Barrero, who wore his second black uniform, sought to surprise from the first possession. In less than two minutes Javi Sánchez, Mérida’s exporter, had to appear to stop a cross from Perero, who began to create danger on the right wing. The Gran Canaria team also appeared on the right side of their attack by overcoming the visiting pressure, which began on their own ground. Asdrúbal encountered many problems to get rid of the defenders’ marking. The hosts played on foot whenever they could and were very horizontal.

Pedro Alemán, the local central defender, got off the hook on multiple occasions in individual plays that usually ended up on the right wing. That way he forced the first corner kick. On the second play, Asdrúbal tried to sneak a pass through the middle that meekly fell into the hands of Javi Montoya. The goalkeeper had to reappear to send a free shot from Julio Báez to a corner. Next, David González did not hit between the three sticks with his shot from the crescent of the area defended by the Roman squad.

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Felipe also joined the right lane in vertical plays by Juanma Barrero’s pupils, who did not have Diego López, due to the accumulation of yellow cards, Carmelo, due to a strain in the quadriceps and Emilio Cubo, due to paternity, in addition to casualties by José Gaspar and Pedro Lagoa.

Artiles, a native of Gran Canaria, stole Pedro Alemán’s wallet in three quarters after a very risky control and assisted Lolo’s first touch, who beat Javi Sánchez with the inside. The ball slipped past the left post of the goal (0-1, min. 14). Perero insisted on the band with crosses from the baseline. Álvaro Ramón was about to finish off a very clear ball, but the referee understood that he had won the position after committing a foul in attack.

Control of possession became blue and white as the minutes went by, but Tamaraceite only came in danger from set pieces. Pedro Alemán looked for a center shot from the left wing in a free kick that was very far away and Javi Montoya responded correctly and managed to deflect it to a corner kick. The visiting defense was very comfortable and compact, especially after the goal, which prevented the island team’s attackers from playing inside.

Álvaro Ramón gained prominence on the left side. He tried to look for the ball in an uncheck to end up in one on one, but received in an offside position. Perero and Lolo, behind Tamareceite’s defensive line, began to feel very comfortable creating many problems in direct actions midway through the first half. Mérida’s line of pressure was higher and higher and the local team was forced to play very far from the goal defended by Javi Montoya in the final stretch of the opening act.

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Once again Pedro Alemán, in a closer free kick, forced Javi Montoya to stretch to deflect a centered shot that almost went near the crossbar. The visiting defense was very confident at corner kicks. Julio Báez left substituted by Borja Herrera in the 39th minute after suffering from some muscular discomfort. Pachi Castellano could not count on Zizu, sent off in the last match, nor on López Silva, Leo Ramírez and Ale Pérez.

Goma, who had shown knee pain before the break, went for the second goal at the first opportunity after the restart but sent it wide. In the next action, Mario connected with Lolo after an uncheck in speed and he got the double with a touch of quality (0-2, min. 55). He was about to sign a ‘hat-trick’. Artiles found it again, but Javi Sánchez covered all the gaps.

Tamara oil

Javier Sanchez; Aythami, Pedro Alemán, Héctor Marrero (Dani Ojeda, min. 69), Ramsés; Juan Andrés (Carlos Cid, min. 69), David González, Julio Báez (Borja Herrera, min. 39); Asdrúbal, Eros (Chrisantus, min. 58) and Aníbal (Carlos González, min. 58).


Javier Montoya; Felipe, Bonaque, Nacho González, Héctor Camps; Perero (Aitor Pons, min. 63), Mario, Goma, Artiles (Ebuka, min. 83), Álvaro Ramón (Higor Rocha, min. 75); and Lolo (Roberto, min. 83).

Tamaraceite desperately sought the visiting area, but without generating any real danger on the goal defended by Javi Montoya. With more space, Artiles became a problem for the host’s defense. Javi Sánchez avoided an even bigger win for Mérida with several very difficult saves, such as the one that avoided Aitor Pons’ goal after shooting from the edge of the box

Chrisantus prevented a shot from Borja Herrera’s penalty spot, and was unable to head in a cross from the right flank. Rober enjoyed a one-on-one in the subsequent counterattack, but Javi Sánchez resolved again with a worthy save.

Between Héctor Camps and Higor Rocha, in a new transition they managed to signal a penalty that Aitor Pons converted with time expired (0-3, min. 93) to seal a solid victory for a Mérida in form.

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