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The Mérida sports campuses offer more than 500 places in summer

The Municipal Sports Delegation publishes its summer offer for children.

In swimming, three hundred and twenty places in total, are divided into levels and fortnightly courses. Delegate Felipe González clarifies that these 320 places go outside of adult swimming, which is also open now.


  • Athletics
    Children from 2009 to 2012. 15 places. First period in Diocles. Children from 2013 to 2015. 15 places. Second period. Diocles.

  • Rhythmic gymnastics
    Children from 2013 to 2015. 15 places. New city. First period. Second period. 15 seats. Diocles. For children from 2009 to 2012 there are the same sections.

  • Artistic gymnastics
    Children from 2010 to 2012. 12 places. Sport City.

  • Tennis
    Children from 2013 to 2015. 10 places. Guadiana. In third period and fourth period.

An athletics campus is also underway at the Diocles sports center in two periods. In this case there are 30 places for children born between 2009 and 2015.

The City Council usually receives double the demand than the places offered, which is why the public draw is made

In rhythmic gymnastics, at Diocles, thirty places are offered for children from 2009 to 2012 and another thirty at Nueva Ciudad. In this case, the venues have been divided because they want in Sports that families on both sides of the city have a close alternative.

Artistic gymnastics has its own campus in the Sports City. In this case, groups of 24 children will be chosen. For tennis there are a few less. Groups of twenty children may participate. The calendars of the sports campus are conditioned to the organization of the staff and the monitors. Most of them work throughout the course in the municipal sports schools and now they take vacations.

“Depending on the days that they rest in summer, we are bidding then bidding.” Although the schedule varies. All sections are ten sessions in two weeks. They follow the same model as the urban camps. Between July and August there will always be some campus running and what moves on the calendar is the modality.

Registration can be done through WhatsApp at 661 61 62 08 until Thursday, June 8. The groups of each section will be made by draw. «We believe that it is the fairest and most equitable way, other than the ability of those interested in making the registrations that determines the selection. That is why there will be a public raffle this year”, explains the municipal delegate Felipe González. Simply send the word ‘Activities’ to the number 661 61 62 08 and then follow the steps indicated in the application to complete the registration. The draw will take place on June 9 at ten in the morning.

The definitive list once the pre-registration is made and the draw will be set from June 12 to 16 in the Sports office. Felipe González recalls that there are almost five hundred places in the city and that the change this year from Argentina to Diocles in swimming is due to the work of the heated pool. Many registrations await at the Town Hall. Those that come out are sold out every summer.

The same is true of urban camps. On Monday morning there were already more than seven hundred applications in the Youth delegation. In just five days, supply over demand doubled. «We know that they are very successful, that they arouse a lot of interest and what we do is take it out every year before to make it easier for families to organize the summer. They have a very high demand and we surpass in double”.

Families see in this municipal offer an economical alternative for children’s leisure on vacation. Swimming courses cost 21 euros and sports campuses cost 33.45. The delegate also clarified that families can register all their children and in several fortnights. Those who manage to access one period can then remain on the waiting list in another.

And as with urban camps, the two in July are usually more in demand than those in August. Although the places are covered in all sections of the calendar.

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