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The Mestalla bitter the premiere of Esteve in the Hercules (1-1)


Hercules – Valencia Mestalla, the images of the match
Alex Dominguez

The Valencia-Mestalla has ruined this Sunday the premiere of Alejandro Esteve as Hercules’ new coach. The whole of Alicante has not passed the tie (1-1) at Rico Pérez on his third consecutive day without winning after a terrible second half after taking the lead in the first half with a goal from Moyita. With this new setback after the dismissal of David Cubillo, the blue and white team falls to third place in the table and is overtaken by Alcoyano, who starred in the big surprise of the day by winning the field of leader Ibiza (0-1).

Alejandro Esteve debuted with a revolution in the team left by the dismissed David Cubillo. He repeated the defense, but completely changed the “engine room” with Jon Erice and Armando in the double pivot, he gave the title to Pedro Sánchez on the right wing and advanced Moyita to the midpoint. The news were as newsworthy as the absences: he left the hitherto irreplaceable midfielder Appin on the bench and sent another regular starter to the stands, such as Alicante winger Borja Martínez and Santa Pola midfielder Pedro Torres, who had played the two previous games at the start. .

The changes in the “eleven” also had continuity in the field and in the drawing of the blue and white team, in which Erice was embedded in front of the centrals to set up the game from a 4-1-4-1 and in the High block pressed very high with three men: Pedro Sánchez, Buenacasa and Alfaro. Hercules began to play for a long time in the rival field, but with little depth and with some oversight like that of Erice in minute 3, who handed the ball to William and his hand in hand with Falcón went out narrowly after a long career.

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Esteve’s team recovered from the shock through Moyita, who on his return to the “eleven” was once again the most participative and the compass of the blue and white game. The Sevillian finished off from afar near Unai’s right post and multiplied to sew the football of the Alicante team, who saw how the Valencian subsidiary leveled the forces after the first quarter of an hour and returned to warn with a dangerous center from William who did not The ex-Herculano Emaná just arrived.

And in full phase of alternate dominance came the goal of Hercules in the 39th minute. In the old fashioned way, with the intense pressure of Buenacasa on the rival defense, which allowed him to steal near the area and assist Pedro Sánchez, whose powerful shot Unai rejected grass flush so that Moyita would once again demonstrate his great class. The “10” calmly controlled and ignored it to save the goalkeeper and the two defenders who covered the door under the sticks to score his first goal as a blue and white and make Esteve’s new plan good.

Moyita’s recital continued five minutes later with an extraordinary run pass to Buenacasa to leave him hand in hand with Unai. The forward played it with a cross shot and the Valencian goalkeeper guessed the intention when he could well assist Jesús Alfaro, who was following the play to his left, the band on which the game started in the absence of Borja Martínez.

The good feelings of Hercules in the first half disappeared completely after the break. The Alicante team relapsed into previous errors and almost disappeared from the game, which allowed Óscar Fernández’s team to take command of the game.

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The Blue and Whites showed signs of a lack of strength and energy, despite the carousel of changes introduced by Esteve, and the visiting team took advantage after a very good play by Fran Pérez, Rufete’s son, on the right wing that headed the net of Falcón Gosálbez to score the tie.

Lost, without bellows and with Moyita replaced by physical discomfort, Hercules was unable to create danger in the second half and showed a white flag to confirm the crisis of the team a week after the dismissal of coach David Cubillo.

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