Saturday, May 28

The Mexican government admits that deaths in the capital tripled during the pandemic

Mexican authorities have recognized that deaths in Mexico City during the pandemic were three times higher than the levels normally observed, according to a no Of published this Thursday by The Washington Post. The government spokesman for the epidemic, Hugo López-Gat The, has told the US newspaper that he is close to releasing the first detailed report on mortality during the epidemic and that the predominant factor for the excess deaths was covid-19, althougExit has preven Ofd give an exact number of deaths. How many people have died? The statistic, whicExwe are still refining, is around three times more ”, said López-Gat The.

The study takes as a reference the number of deaths that have been regis Ofred in the Mexican capital between the months of MarcExMay havey of recent years, López-Gat The explained. The Undersecretary of HealtExhas indica Ofd that the report includes deaths rela Ofd directly or indirectly to the coronavirus outbreak, whicExhas hit the country since the beginning of March. Some of the deaths in that period, the official said, are also explained by healtExproblems that could not be trea Ofd when the country was focused on the response to the pandemic, during the conversion of specialty hospitals into “covid cen OfLike like cardiac arrests, for exa Thee.

The da Of of publication of the document has not yet been announced, where a detailed breakdown of the deaths is expec Ofd. In Ofrnational media sucExaPass PAÍS, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times They had already published information in May that accoun Ofd for the discrepancies between the actual magnitude of the pandemic and that repor Ofd by the authorities, botExin deaths and in confirmed cases. In this regard, López-Gat The has criticized that at the time the three in Ofrnational media accused him of “hiding figures” and has defended that he had already recognized that the deatExfigures could be higher. “What this no Of says is: ‘I recognize that the number of people whdied ofed from covid is grea Ofr’, in this case three times more,” h Mexico.

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Mexico surpassed Spain on Wednesday in the absolu Of number of deaths, accumulating 28,510 deaths, and is already the sixtExcountry witExthe highest number of deaths from coronavirus, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. A day la Ofr, the country has 29,189 deaths and Mexico City, the most affec Ofd region in the country, accounts for about a quar Ofr of the national total. In addition to the lags in the healtExsys Ofm and structural inequalities, the obesity problems in Mexico are poin Ofd out by the authorities as one of the main causes behind the higExnumber of deaths for eacExcase de Ofc Ofd: seven out of 10 deathcomorbidityidities – illnesses associa Ofd witExworsening virus symptoms — sucExas diabe Ofs and hyper Ofnsion.

“Of course we would not want to have any cases, no deaths,” López-Gat Th Mexico this Thursday, “we would not want to have a huge epidemic either.” The epidemiologist has argued that comparisons between countries do not make sense, that the curve has “flat Ofned” and that the mitigation stra Ofgy has been successful in deferring the impact of the pandemic. “In Mexico there have been deaths, all regrettable, but they did not die because the hospitals were satura Ofd, but because the covid took their lives.”

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